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Being an actor myself the most annoying thing that I constantly see people do is mixing up the actor with the character that they play on screen. People will equate hating a character to hating the actor that plays that character. Like wise they will equate loving a character with loving the actor. You can't have any feelings for the actor if you've never actually met them or at least actually seen them interviews just being themselves. Their character is not them.

That being said, I wanted to make a thread where we talk about some actors who we like as people but hate the character that they play... or maybe vice versa, like the character but hate the person.

A recent one that came up and my inspiration for making this thread. There was a video that Matt Lucas did answering questions from the fans. He actually watches this one fan's YouTube channel and agreed to do this video for him. In the comments of that video I seen people saying how much they loved Nardole for doing the video... Nardole is a character that he plays. His name is Matt Lucas.

I also left a comment on the video talking about how I really didn't like Nardole, actually referring to the character in the show, was clearly talking about Nardole, and I got a reply from someone defending Matt Lucas as a person. I even left a few comments saying that I don't like Nardole the character, but Matt Lucas, the actor, the person, is awesome. I can't believe he agreed to do that video as most celebrities aren't that nice. As a person I think he's great, I don't have a problem with him. My problem is with Nardole because I don't really see a reason for his continued existence. I feel like he should of just been a one off character but they brought him back and he isn't really contributing anything to the series. He's just kinda there.

The same thing kinda goes for Peter Capaldi and the Doctor. Except there it's a little bit more understandable why the confusion when I have to specify Peter Capaldi's Doctor. I don't really like him and any time I talk about not liking him I get no less than ten comments defending Peter Capaldi as a person. I don't really have any opinion of him other than I think he's a good actor. Despite sharing the same actor, he's played three different characters and I don't view them as the same person, just three different people who happen to look like the same guy. But I hate the way his Doctor is written. That's not his fault.

An example of someone I don't like as a person is Tim Allen. I don't really agree with a lot of his political views but I still love Home Improvement and a lot of his movies.

I've seen people who use to love the Cosby Show suddenly start hating it once Bill Cosby was arrested. Dr. Heathcliff 'Cliff' Huxtable and Bill Cosby are not the same person. That's just a character he played on TV. Why does a real life scandal mean that you suddenly have to start hating a series that you use to love? Was never a fan of that show myself, it was a bit dated when I was a kid but I don't see a problem with the series.

A better example for me is Chris Latta. He was the voice of G1 Starscream and apparently one major problem with working with him was that every other week the studio had to bail him out of jail to record his lines for the series. This was part of the reason his character was eventually killed off in 1986. Though that's probably a bad example because as a Decepticon you're suppose to hate him anyway...

OK Back to Doctor Who, William Hartnell, the first Doctor, was openly racist. Though that's strangely the one time when people still love his character despite the actor being a jerk in real life.

So what some examples you have where your opinions of an actor are completely different from your opinion of a character they portray?
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