Events at Vidcon.

I am very disturbed at some of the events that happened an Vidcon this year. Anita Sarkeesian verbally attacking Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) from hers position of power as a panelist is harassment and a very clear violation of Vidcon rules. Particularly since he was sitting politely and quietly in the audience. Sitting in an audience is not an act of intimidation as Mrs. Sarkeesian claims and the fact that Hank and the Vidcon Staff seem to side with her in thinking that it is, is simply unbelievable to me. The fact that Hank apologized to Mrs. Sarkeesian but not Mr. Benjamin who is the actual victim of harassment here is just unbelievable.

I know that Mr. Benjamin is quite crass in much of his videos and that he has directly challenged many of the videos that Mrs. Sarkeesian has made. But disagreeing and pointing out factual errors is not harassment. In fact he very specifically tells people to not harass those that he makes his videos about and Mrs. Sarkeesian makes up a topic of only 4% of his video work.

Mrs. Sarkeesian after being given a second chance despite violating the rules severely, later went on to verbally attack Boogie2988 after a panel where they were join panelists because he disagreed with some of what she said on panel.

It is clear that Mrs. Sarkeesian is an aggressive and angry person that deems anyone that disagrees even slightly as the enemy and belittles and attacks them. That type behavior does not belong as a part of this community, which she is as she sells things on DFTBA, and it does not belong at Vidcon. If she is not capable of behaving in a civilized and professional manner she needs to be banned and SHE needs to issue many apologies to people.


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    So for a long time, I have felt like I was probably one of the only right leaning people in this community. I have never really been active outside of the youtube comments on the vlog brothers and various channels Hank and John were in. I have very often responded to comments on youtube from people who basically stated they couldn't even comprehend the other sides (The Right) stance. I try to respond rationally and give them the point of view of someone who could be on that side.

    However, This was a show of Hanks biases. He is human, and I feel as though that is what is going on. Anita is not a good person to be on a bullying panel. Neither would Sargon be, but I would hope he wouldn't set foot on one.
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