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Hey everybody! I wanted to discuss Netflix's movie adaptation of the famous anime, Death Note. The full trailer just came out. IF you haven't watched it already, here is the link.

I wanted to discuss it and hear from different people and their opinions on it and hear from fans of the anime. To be honest, I don't know what to think of it. The movie is not out yet, it comes out August 25, but still, people are already commenting on the movie just based off the trailers.

This movie adaptation is made for an American audience because there will be action scenes and it looks like a thriller. The movie is not out yet, so I can't compare the characters of the Netflix movie to its source material, but it looks like the characters in the Netflix movie are not completely loyal to the source material. The Netlfix movie definitely looks interesting and looks well-made.

I will give this movie a chance when it comes out.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the adaptation and any aspect of it?


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    As you said it's not out yet. Apperently there is also another sequel to the original live action adaptation of the anime. People are calling it Death Note 3 but it would actually be the fourth live action Death Note movie though the third one was absolutely terrible and had nothing to do with the Death Note. The only time it appears in the movie is in a flash back were L writes his own name and details how he's going to die.

    Anyway this Netflix version I thought was going to be a series not a movie. We already have a live action movie adaptation of the anime and I don't think Netflix can really compete when the sequel to that trilogy is being released at the same time. I much prefer the anime to the movie versions but I don't think Netflix could possibly do better than the original movie.

    Death Note 1 was damn near identical to the anime. It's only in the sequels where things really get much different. 2 had a much different ending than the anime but was still good. It's only 3 that I hated. 4 from the trailers is going to focus on N and either a new character who was never in the Anime or tat girl from the Anime who got a Death Note after Light did. If it is her I can already tell one major difference from the anime and that's the fact that Light was still alive when she got her Death Note but both he and L are dead at this point in the movie universe.

    Anyway I'm going to watch both the new Netflix version and the Japanese sequel when they come out. Death Note is one of my favorite anime next to Full Metal Alchemist.
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    I think it's hard to judge before it's out, but from the look of the trailer it seems heavily Americanised. It also looks a little darker in some aspects. For example, Light in the trailer seems neurotic and somewhat like a highschool reject whereas Light in the anime is bright and studious.

    I think it's best to treat the two as two seperate productions rather than relying on the film to have the same tone and style as the anime. They're being produced by two completely different cultures, so it's bound to wildly different.
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    I also noticed that L has his face covered and is full grown black man rather than an Asian teenager. I think the change in age and randomly covering his face like some kind of super hero bother me the most. The only reason I could tell he was suppose to be L is because of a short clip showing him sitting just like he did in the anime and the original live action trilogy. But seriously why is he dressed like a ninja?

    I actually almost considered going to comic con as L. I found out about it on short notice and not having time for a costume L is the perfect last minute cosplay. It seems lazy but considering I don't normally shave or wear white. For me throwing on a white T-shirt and shaving to look like L is the very bare minimum of effort. Though he never wears shoes and I can't walk around the fair grounds here without shoes on. That was really the one detail that made me decide against it.
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    But seriously why is he dressed like a ninja?

    I think it's to hide his face from Kirra. That way he can't be killed...
    by TheTom
  • RialVestroRialVestro Posts: 6,309 ✭✭✭
    But he needs a name to kill someone and no one even knows who L is so there's no reason to hide his face.
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    But L doesn't know this right away. He only figures it out later. Therefore it makes way more sense to hide his face just in case.
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    But in the anime there was a fake L set up so again it makes no sense to hide his face when Light never knew who he was. This was done in the original live action film as well. There's no reason for L to ever cover his face when no one who's who the hell he is. His name is unknown, only the people he works with even know what he looks like. The dude is rarely ever seen in public and wearing a mask would just draw more attention to him during the rare instances when he does go out in public.

    The way L is in the Anime and original movie he's still able to blend into the general public without anyone knowing there's anything special about him because no one knows his name or face to begin with. What's the point of covering something that Light can't use to identify him in the first place. He lives a secretive, private, secluded life. That's also why he's so pale in both the anime and the original movie is due to lack of sunlight exposure and why he has weird quarks like not knowing how to sit in a chair cause he doesn't really interact with people much.

    It just looks like he's a ninja for no reason. It's possible they could change the story to make it make sense but I have a feeling he's just going to be dressed like a ninja for the entire movie with no explanation why.
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    So I watched the movie earlier today... they did change something except the mask was still pointless because he reveals his face to Light basically the first time they meet. Also, there was a change from the anime that made it more believable that a person would even be suspected for the murders in the first place. I never really got that in the original movie either, but for once there's actually a reason to suspect murder.

    Another major change in this version is it's not just Light. He has a girlfriend. In the Anime and original films Light works alone. Originally only killing criminals and then slowly going down a dark path killing cops and FBI agents trying to stop him as well. In this movie he never resorts to that, it's the girlfriend who tries to push him to that. Kinda makes Light a more redeemable character in this version because he never wanted to kill innocent people.

    L, despite the changes to his character was mostly left intact. His weird mannerisms are still there. The biggest change is he never sets up the fake L. That press conference still happens but it's actually him who appears with the mask on and no name given. Other than that I think he did a decent job of portraying the character. It kinda seemed like he was trying to stay as close to the source material as he could with the script he was given.

    One thing I don't understand... why did they bother using motion capture for Reuk when his face is constantly in shadow for the entire freaking movie. I kept waiting for a revieal but it never happens. In the original movie he was kept in shadow at first but after he eats the first apple he steps out to where he can actually be seen. This movie has much better CGI but you can never see it because Reuk is basically just a shadow with glowing eyes. Seems like a waist of the motion capture technology when you can never see his face. They showed during the end credits his actor wearing the motion capture equipment, they had him set up so they could get his actual facial expressions, his performance, and then they never show any of it. That was really the biggest disappointment is that you can never see his face.

    Also something I should point out, they did change one major rule of the Death Note seemingly to make it more of a horror gore film. In the original if you don't specify how they die they will always die of a heart attack. In this version that is not the case, you can choose how they die or it'll be random but no one dies of a heart attack unless you specifically write that in the Death Note. There is only one person who dies that way in the entire movie and I feel like they put it there just as a reference to the original. The others were far more violent. Not as bad as Saw but maybe something closer to Final Destination levels of gore. So if you can't handle movies like that you might just want to stay away from this one. Otherwise, despite the changes, it's still better than Death Note 3 L Change the World... speaking of which, there's suppose to be another sequel to that original live action trilogy coming out soon.
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