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Hi Nerdfighters

Long time lurker, first time poster...

I try to support content creators on youtube by watching ads, even the boring 1minute ones!

Recently I watched an ad that was only 20 seconds long, but delivered all its content in the first 5 seconds. The remaining 15 seconds consisted of several verbal encouragements to skip the rest of the advert. Now if I understand the ad revenue system (which is unlikely, as I don't have a youtube channel) when someone skips an ad which is <30seconds long, then the channel which you are watching gets 0 ad revenue.

So my problem with this is the advert was basically delivering its message in the first 5 seconds, then instead of just ending, spent 15 seconds trying to get viewers to skip it, therefore trying to avoid paying, despite having delivered the entire advert in the first 5 seconds.

I thought this would be of interest to content creators as I'm not sure if it is against the google advert rules, but it is a very unscrupulous advertising practice, which could hurt creators by denying them revenue.

Can anyone with a bit more knowledge on how ad revenue works comment on the skipping vs payment bit?


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