Friendship 2.0

AnFaAnFa Hessen, GermanyPosts: 91
Hey everyone!
I was just watching some of Sabrina's (NerdyAndQuirky's) old videos and stumbled across a video from three years ago in which, upon other things, she talked about the idea that two people who do not know each other could start a YouTube channel Brotherhood 2.0 style, where they regularly upload videos and only communicate through those videos and build a friendship and after one year, they meet each other in person. She called the whole thing Friendship 2.0. Some people tried that and started, I'm not sure if anyone actually finished it, though. Anyway, I would be interested in trying that, does anyone want to be my vlogging partner?
It might be good if we were kind of close to each other age-wise, I'm 19. Also, If we really want to meet after one year, it might be convenient to not live half across the world from each other, so, since I'm German, it might be good if my vlogging partner was from Europe.

Of course you can also comment in here if you are interested in the idea but search for someone else to do it with or whatever, just feel free to use the comments for anything related to this. :)


  • RMNTRMNT Kupiškis, LithuaniaPosts: 10
    Damn, I would love to participate, but I am bit camera shy (I do film myself dancing and juggling when I have to and haven't tried talking to a camera), also I do not own a camera except the one on my phone. BUT I do fit your criteria, I am 18 yo and from Europe (Lithuania). (I secretly want you to convince me to do it because it is a great way to widen horizon and meet new people!)
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