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Hey everyone!
I was just watching some of Sabrina's (NerdyAndQuirky's) old videos and stumbled across a video from three years ago in which, upon other things, she talked about the idea that two people who do not know each other could start a YouTube channel Brotherhood 2.0 style, where they regularly upload videos and only communicate through those videos and build a friendship and after one year, they meet each other in person. She called the whole thing Friendship 2.0. Some people tried that and started, I'm not sure if anyone actually finished it, though. Anyway, I would be interested in trying that, does anyone want to be my vlogging partner?
It might be good if we were kind of close to each other age-wise, I'm 19. Also, If we really want to meet after one year, it might be convenient to not live half across the world from each other, so, since I'm German, it might be good if my vlogging partner was from Europe.

Of course you can also comment in here if you are interested in the idea but search for someone else to do it with or whatever, just feel free to use the comments for anything related to this. :)


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    Damn, I would love to participate, but I am bit camera shy (I do film myself dancing and juggling when I have to and haven't tried talking to a camera), also I do not own a camera except the one on my phone. BUT I do fit your criteria, I am 18 yo and from Europe (Lithuania). (I secretly want you to convince me to do it because it is a great way to widen horizon and meet new people!)
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    Talking to a camera would be new for me too and it can probably get a bit awkward, but everyone who does it started at some point. Hank's and John's vlogs from the beginning of 2007 look a lot different from their current ones, too, but the thing is that there will probably not be many people watching anyway, so when you upload a video, and you are nervous about putting it out there for everyone to watch, you could still think to yourself "who's gonna see it anyway?" I can actually be pretty camera shy too, but I feel like this might be a good way to get out of my comfort zone a bit. You could also start by making videos without you in them first, maybe a bit "thoughts from places" style.
    I think using your phone camera will be fine, I mean the point of the project wouldn't be the HD graphics anyway, and lots of phone cameras nowadays are pretty decent.
    by AnFa
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    This sounds kind of amazing. However, you were probably just thinking about doing it between the two of you. Also, I'm in the U.S. Though, I will be studying abroad next spring, so I'll be in England. Maybe I'm too old because I'll be 21 this year... I don't know. I just think it would be cool to build friendships around the world. I'll definitely watch!
    by MartyWW
  • AnFaAnFa Hessen, GermanyPosts: 97
    I actually turned 20 in february and I would have never had a problem with a few years more or less, anyway. I just thought I might have less in common with a 40-year-old than with someone who is about the same age as me.
    I mean, the original idea was to do it just between two people, but I think three would also work...

    Also, generally, if we were to do it actually Brotherhood 2.0 style, we'd need to make a video every day of the week (without weekends), so with two people everyone would make 2-3 videos a week, and I think that might just generally be a bit much. I think I'll be able to do one video a week, maybe two, but more might be unrealistic.
  • rachel_nonerachel_none Posts: 3
    I would love to do this, but I live in Australia :(
    If there are any Australians wanting to do this, please comment!!
  • MartyWWMartyWW Northfield, MNPosts: 9

    I mean, it could be, like, Friendship 5.0. If there were 5 of us willing to do this, we could each take a day of the week (less stress for everyone). Or, we could include Saturdays, and the three of us could each do two days (fairness). We can invent the rules. :smile:
  • rachel_nonerachel_none Posts: 3
    That would be amazing!!
  • MartyWWMartyWW Northfield, MNPosts: 9
    AnFa and RMNT, would you be willing to do this?

    rachel_none, if we do this, and if you want in, would you be able to meet somewhere in Europe next year?
  • AnFaAnFa Hessen, GermanyPosts: 97
    I would be in!
    @RMNT are you still aware of this thread? :)
  • rachel_nonerachel_none Posts: 3
    Yeah I should be able to! I'm planning on studying somewhere in Europe for either a few weeks or a semester next year :)
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    Great! Now, @RMNT still has not responded...

    Well, we need to decide on a date to start. (So if no one else responds to this thread by a certain date before that start date (we will have to decide on that date, too), then just the three of us will go through with the project.) And the date we choose has to be one that a year from that day we know we can meet, unless we don't have to meet on that exact date.

    I assume we'll start in June because a year from now I'll be in England. Therefore, I could meet shortly after I finish my final exams and before I return to the States. Assessment period ends June 14, 2019. So we could meet on the 15th or 16th because it's the weekend. However, June 15, 2018, is a Friday, and that might be an awkward way to start. These are things we should figure out. And not only will we have to figure out when we'll meet, but also where! (Maybe not exactly where just yet, but, you know, at the very least a country.)

    Lastly, we'll have to decide on scheduling. If it ends up being the three of us, will we each pick Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, and then do a video per week on our assigned day?
    by MartyWW
  • AnFaAnFa Hessen, GermanyPosts: 97
    I will still have class in june, so it would have to be a weekend, preferably either the 15th and 16th or the 22nd and 23rd.

    A video per week on an assigned day sounds good to me. Monday, wednesday and friday sounds good, but if someone wants to pick a different day of the week that makes it less spread out, that would be fine with me, too.

    I think we should do 52 weeks instead of exactly one year. A year is 52 weeks and one day, which means the 365th and last day would be the same weekday as the first day, which means, if everyone does one video per week on an assigned day, the first and the last video would be by the same person, who would then have made one video more than the others. We could do an additional video with all of us when we meet, but I think before that it should just be 52 weeks.

    I personally don't think we have to meet up exactly one year after the first video, but it should be after the last video. So, if we start on a monday and the last video is on a friday, we could meet directly the weekend after that friday which is before the end of exactly one year, but after the last video, or we could meet the weekend after that, which is more than a year after the first video, or something like that.

    For deciding in which country to meet, it would be helpful to know, where in Europe @rachel_none will be next year and if it is actually going to be the three of us.

    As a last date for anyone else to join in I'd suggest the 31st of may, for no particular reason apart from it being a nice, convenient end-of-the-month date. Of course that still depends on when we are actually going to start.
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