Signed Copy Signatures

I remember in one Vlogbrothers video John mentioning that some of the signed copies were by family and not him. Curious to know what other "signatures" people received.

Mine was John's, part of me was hoping for a Pokeball, as the idea was cute in its own way (and I'm a huge Pokemon fan, volunteering with an organization that runs related events at conventions).


  • SpencimanSpenciman Posts: 2
    Mine was just a John signature, in green. Probably the most common, but still it feels special!
  • beyondtheskybeyondthesky Posts: 17
    Ah, cool!

    I guess he used different colours of sharpie, mine was in purple :)
  • Tamer_Of_PuffsTamer_Of_Puffs Melbourne, Australia. Posts: 25
    Is it Weird that I want to get my TATWD copy signed by Hank, not John? I have not met John, however since I am coming to vidcon, I might get a chance to meet Hank/
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