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Hi I’m new here but I’ve been a nerdfighter since I found the Crash Course YouTube channel. Being Australian and all I find the vlogbrothers really calming and I listen to the videos all the time. Is there something that you listen to that calms you.
Plus here is a poem I wrote
At night or so old Shakespeare said
Witches and all that we dread
Come dancing from their grimy slums
Chanting to the sound of drums
Saggy skin and wicked eyes
All they touch sooner dies
But these women that brought me up
They have drunk from the imortal cup
Aged and withered in their looks
They’re nothing like in Shakespeare’s books
by tashcass


  • Hey there! I'm a teen nerdfighter too! I think your poem is really cool! One comment is (i may be biased) perhaps a free rhyme scheme. Here's a poem based on John Green's TATWD! Do comment guys!

    Can you hold me like you did
    In these last moments together
    Let me feel the warmth in your hands
    When we would not know about the future
    But be happy about the present

    Can you bring me again
    On the road i have not taken
    To prove to me that it is love we feel
    Not what we are in

    Can you teach me about the stars
    And still see that meteor shower behind the clouds
    And remind me that it is the same sky we share
    Wherever we are
    Between you and I

    Can you turn around once more
    And say those words of Good-bye,
    Because i would
    To tell you that even at the furthest corners
    I want to see you again
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    Nice poems! I really like how the Shakespeare one is kind of playful, and the TATWD one can seem ambiguous to someone who hasn't read the book- but it really fits!
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