Not Political - Does anyone else like guns?

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Hello all,

First and foremost, please don't discuss any politics here. We have a sub forum for that.

I consider myself a very liberal guy. I even feel like I'm more libertarian then anything else. I like national healthcare, I even used the one Obama setup while he was in office. I support gay marriage. I like and support putting more taxes on the ultra wealthy, so that the lower and middle class will have more money to spend in the economy. In fact, there's very few things, that I think the republican party gets right in general.

But there is something I support, where I find very few other liberals agree with me. And that's our 2nd amendment rights. So I wanted to know if there is there anyone else around here, that feels like this? or am I completely alone on this?


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    There is a thing called the "network effect" where each additional thing that is added, such as a telephone, or a Twitter user, adds value to the existing network.
    This also helps to explain why vaccination is such a good idea. When you have lots of people immunised, you have "herd immunity"; where a disease can not spread because people don't pass it on - this also protects people who aren't immunised.

    The widespread availability of guns in America, means that a network effect is in operation, even when you have gun bans in various place.

    Incidentally, the 2nd amendment didn't give Americans the right to own guns. English law was in operation before the US Constitution was written and Section 7 of the Bill Of Rights Act 1689 said:
    That the subjects which are protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law.

    America went from a place which already had the right to one where the clause "suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law" was removed. America is mostly fine with that.

    America has decided that about 11,000 people a year killed by guns, about 150,000 people a year injured by guns, and about 33,000 killing themselves, as well as the economic on-costs in health care, is an acceptable price to pay for freedom.

    I think that's stupid.
    I married an American; we live in Australia because of that.
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    I'm not looking to say one thing or the other about policy. We have a sub forum for that.

    I'm trying to find out if I'm alone in this single view point, or if there are others that agree with me. Literally nothing else.

    If you are a dissenter, cool for you. But please, take it else ware.

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