Second person. Turtles all the way down.

KittyKitty Posts: 5
Various places throughout the book, the narrative switches from first to second person. In particular, chapter 20.

This held a lot of significance to me. Aza's narration feels extremely distant. It's as though she is trying to dissociate from herself. Which of course makes complete sense in the contexts it's used.
I have written and spoken this way in particularly dark times in my life. While there are people who might not get this, I can empathise completely.

It's a pretty rare technique, and I wonder if John did this intentionally. Either way it was beautiful. I have to say I appreciate writers who are willing to do things a little differently :3 <3


  • PonyKidPonyKid Posts: 5
    I didn't become aware of this until you pointed it out, but now that you mention it I agree. Also, this is random but I am hoping a fellow nerdfighter might understand, I just reorganized my bookshelf, and it looks AWESOME! DFTBA!
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