I need help with my OCD

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Hey guys, I may seem mushy in this post, but really right now I think I need Nerdfighteria's help. I have OCD, its not very bad, but it does take up a lot of my time, I often have strange urges to order things, I feel obsessive about things, and, lately, its manifested in the fact that I need to watch Youtube videos, archive them, and watch them in a certain order. For one, I want be honest with you guys, I have doubts myself that its OCD, I will happily tell you some of the other things I do but the doctor has not outright said I have it, although has hinted to it. My main problem is, is that I dont want to grow out of my OCD, my OCD has given me my personality, my little quirks, and, although it can be a nuisance sometimes, I cant get rid of it, all those memories of the weird things I did as a child would be gone, I would suddenly be normal, I need your help and your support guys. Im sorry for being so emotional, but its just the fact that the only people who understand me at the moment are my beloved nerdfighters. Thanks guys.
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