The Future of HankGames: Would you Rather...

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I don't really like it when one YouTube channel has a whole lot of different shows. Though I love EVERYTHING on Geek and Sundry, other channels though, some of the shows I could take, some I'd rather not see in my sub box. Which is why, generally, John and I have created quite a number of channels for the different sorts of content we make instead of just doing Truth or Fail and SciShow as part of the Vlogbrothers channel.

However, HankGames doesn't really follow that rule. I feel like there are a bunch of different shows. Hank plays Assassin's Creed is very different from the Swoodilypoopers which is very different from the Hank and Katherine series of stuff. So...a question for you. Would you rather

The Future of HankGames: Would you Rather...

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  • MissMaggieMissMaggie Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I think it works for Hankgames. They're all video games, and already see it as a multi-person channel instead of just you, Hank. Therefore, in my mind, it makes sense to keep it as one channel.
  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I have a hard time keeping up with the channels that I do. I hope I won't have to try to keep up with ANOTHER one (or more) just to keep up with all the cool stuff that's currently on hankgames. =\
  • emiliarmusemiliarmus Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like it how it is. I LOVE pretty much everything you do. I don't watch many of the swindon town videos with John, but i'm perfectly okay if they stay on the hankgames channel. I like seeing what the titles are, and i'll watch them if htey sound particularly entertaining :P besides, i like hearing john say "welcome to hankgames without hank!" 

    p.s. you should do more things with The Katherine. I love you two together! Makes me happy, if i've had a bad day :)
  • NyssaMNyssaM Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I watch them all so I'm good with the feed staying as is. And technically speaking HankGames does follow the rule: HankGames is where the Green Brothers play video games :D
  • Litnerd22Litnerd22 Posts: 5
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    If I'm dedicated enough to spend my time watching you guys play video games, I'm not too bothered by sifting through a few videos to get to what I want to see.
  • BelisariusBelisarius Posts: 314 ✭✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like it just the way it is. I tend not to watch the Lego Hanky Potter episodes, but I do like watching Assassin's Creed and the Swoodilypoopers (did I spell that right? Verdict: yes!) so for me it would be easiest to have it all in one place. 
  • sleepyheadsleepyhead Posts: 11
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    Variation is good and besides, video game channels never really follow the "themed" approach to youtube, anyway. :-)
  • shaunaaaahshaunaaaah Posts: 113 ✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I think the current way it is, though the thoughtfulness is appreciated.
  • valerie2776valerie2776 Missoula, MTPosts: 264 Admin
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    If you were uploading like 50 billion videos a day maybe separate channels would be a thing to consider but I think it's totally fine as is & would prefer it stay that way.
  • irishileanairishileana Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I love how Hankgames is set up, personally (but then, I follow all of the games). But I'd be fine with whatever as long as y'all were happy.
  • TheMeFundTheMeFund Posts: 30 ✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    At this point I think it will be more hassle than it's worth to separate the channel. Not all the supporters of swindontown are going to be here on the forums, and switching that game to a new channel would be rather difficult. Additionally I think it's fine to simply skip videos that don't interest you when they show up in the feed.
  • ColetteColette Posts: 33
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like it the way it is. If I don't want to watch a video I can always skip it. Also it gives me only one channel to follow instead of two or three.
  • jworcesterjworcester Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    Personally, I watch all of them, so i enjoy it all.
  • notfargnotfarg Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I actually had to give this a lot of thought, cause I've recently found myself skipping over videos with just Hank, simply because I've already seen someone else play the same thing, and didn't feel like being frustrated by watching someone else struggle with it as well. HOWEVER, I still absolutely ADORE all that is on hankgames, and it seems like a lot more to deal with from an organizational standpoint to have to separate the material, so let's just leave it.
  • justbekltjustbeklt Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.

    I'm fine with it the way it is. If I don't want to watch a video I just skip it. 
    I don't like everything, but I like most. They're all gaming, so it doesn't feel to disconnected even if it sometimes switches between Hank, John, The Katherine, and even occasionally The Yeti. But if it does split, I will sub to all of them...and still skip the videos I don't care to watch...So I guess it doesn't affect me much...
  • jurassicaaaajurassicaaaa Posts: 2,349 ✭✭✭✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like to keep my subscriptions under a certain number, and I suppose I like having the "one stop shop" for all of my video gaming needs. I mean of course it's entirely up to you, but I think it's working out well the way it is, from a subscriber's point of view. I'm with @disco_spider, if something doesn't appeal to me, I'll skip it (hasn't happened yet).
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  • lessthanbutterflieslessthanbutterflies Posts: 150 ✭✭✭
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I'm completely fine with hankgames staying the way it is :) I kind of like that all the different options are on the same channel.  I would feel bad if you guys had to update all these different channels because it might be only slightly more convenient.  Keep it! :)
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  • chelsl105chelsl105 Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    Hank leave it please! The video of you playing qwop from the very beginning is probably one of my favorite videos on youtube! It just makes me laugh for absolutely no reason! Keep doing what you're doing... maybe play qwop again. Regardless, you're doing great! :)
  • LilaRose89LilaRose89 Posts: 2
    HankGames without Hank (Swindon Town / John playing other sports) gets it's own channel.
    I think it makes sense for John to have his own channel. Hankgames is called that cos it's Hank playing games. Sports With John or something would be a good second channel.
  • randomradiationrandomradiation SingaporePosts: 392 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2012
    HankGames gets split into three Channels: 1. HankGames 2. HankAndKatherine 3. SwindonTown
    I am a generally indecisive person, so though I voted for the 3rd option, I don't completely agree. I think the separate playlists for each game works best. Either way, the videos under HankGames channel fall into the larger category of VIDEO GAMING.

    My only issue is the name of the channel, really. How's GreenGames (y'know 'cause the Greens (John, Hank, Sarah, Katherine) play it?) or something? (I have no other ideas)

    How do I change my vote? :"(
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  • klainjelklainjel Posts: 1
    HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I love how HankGames is set up. I don't have a lot of time to watch videos, but when I do, I love how all the video game ones are in one place where I can easily decide which ones I want to watch. I think one channel with separate playlists is perfect.
  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I love watching everything on this channel! There's no need to give John his own channel… It's more fun to hear him say "Hankgames without Hank" on almost every video. There could be more videos with the Katherine, and Yeti, but that's just because we love all of the Greens! I fully expect to see John playing a game with Henry, when he gets old enough, on this channel!
  • HankGames stays just the way it is.
    I like that it's all in one place/channel...that way all the Green brothers (+ Katherine and occasionally Michael and Charlie) video game videos are in the same place and I don't have to go looking for them in different channels. Plus, I don't like change.
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