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For any high school students out there taking AP classes, I was wondering if you were also finding the Crashcourse videos extremely helpful when studying? This past year I took AP World History, and the videos helped a ton in the weeks before the exam. This upcoming year I am taking AP US History, and I am so happy that John has a series for that class as well!


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    I took regular world history last year and I thought it was pretty helpful. Next year I'm taking APUSH and I can see it helping out a lot because a lot of people at my school say that our teacher makes you do a lot of the studying/learning by yourself. I also took chemistry this year and thought that it was helpful while studying for the final, and I can't wait to use crash course for Bio next year. 
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    I took AP World History this year, and it was more helpful than not, although I used it more as a guiding tool (seeing what topic took place when, since our textbook was organized geographically not chronologically) than actual studying material. I'm doing APUSH next year, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The Literature episodes were remarkably helpful for when we discussed those books in my English class, too. 
  • The past 2 years Crashcourse has been up I have taken AP European History, AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP Biology, and AP US History. The videos were extremely helpful for all of these courses. The World History course gave me some background for Euro, as well as for Literature. AP Biology was beyond helpful and I spent about as much time watching Crashcourse Biology as I did in my actual Biology class learning and taking notes. I actually used a phrase from the AP US Crashcourse that went up the night before the test in my DBQ, I was exceedingly grateful for these as a resource. 
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    Omg these videos were really helpful to me as I took AP world history last year and it was quite hard and his videos were a big help! i got a 3 sadly im just glad i passed. i really wanted a 4 though :(
  • Well, being thrown into nerdfighteria is scary, so I'm just gonna hang out here in the Ap corner, where I actually have something I can say. I was the youngest person in my Ap bio class, and for fear of sounding like an infomercial, I'm not going to say that crash course biology was the only thing that allowed me to pass. The videos were more funny than anything, and they did help me by going over again what the teacher said in class.
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    I was in AP Language and AP Euro last year and I'm taking APUSH and AP Lit this year. I find the videos very helpful, its nice to get some outside information for DBQs and familiarize yourself with Literature and influential writers the Thoreau and Emerson. I plan on watching them all in May before the test to help.study
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