VidCon 2015

GabiBGabiB Castle Rock, ColoradoPosts: 2
Hey there all. I know this is extremely early--especially considering that the planning for VidCon 2015 has not started--but is anyone else excited for VidCon 2015? I, unfortunately was not able to go last year (or I guess this year), so I'm kinda looking forward to this upcoming year. Let me know if you are too! :)


  • CricketteChirpzCricketteChirpz Aztec, New MexicoPosts: 4
    Oh, definitely! I've never been able to attend any cons of any variety, Vid or otherwise, but with some luck and skillful negotiation I may be able to attend this year. Living out in the middle of nowhere means that there is a very low Nerdfighter population, and I'm really looking forward to meeting people that like the same awesome stuff that I do! :D
  • RaibeanRaibean Oceanside, CAPosts: 144 ✭✭
    I volunteered last year, which was great (and stressful) though I highly recommend it. I can't do it this year, but I will be attending.
  • I live in the UK so it is pretty hard for me to get there but my friend and I are determined to go in 2015 and I am already really exited!
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