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    I got into it at the start of last fall semester at my college, we've got a pretty strong Magic group and everyone was really nice, someone even gave me a deck to play! (Haven't bought any cards to be honest) I got myself some dice and a life die. My deck is red green modern and my most powerful card is Feral Animist which is basically a berserker...I've done some 40 damage with one swing of him.
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    I love Magic too but I can't seem to find anyone to play around here. I did have a few friends but they moved across the country to Ontario. Since then I haven't found anyone.
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    I play it here and there.  It is very hard for me to get into when on a budget and trying to stay tournament legal.  Not to mention lack of knowledge regarding past cards so it gets mildly annoying when I see a card I think is good, buy it in droves and get told it sucks in comparison to something else in a still legal set :(

    Having terrible luck with booster pulls don't help, though I got lucky in the first Theroes pre-release when I pulled Alspeth, the White God dude and several cards built around white human tokens.  And I chose the black pre-release box O.o (for those that don't know, each color box has a booster that is rigged with the color of that box to make it easier to get the color rotation you want... I originally wanted to play with the Black cards but played with White instead due to this).

    I also got lucky in my pre-release for the M15 set.  Pulled plenty of good White and Black cards and made a powerful life gain deck with it, bumped me up to 3 out of 5 wins (my highest win rate yet).
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    I play more magic than anyone man should. I play Standard and Legacy. If you have any questions just let me know. I'm playing Death and Taxes in legacy and blue white control in standard right now. The Planar Cleansing no threats at all varient.
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    I played MTG so much during high school.  My friends and I, mix of people from freshmen to seniors, would gather before school, at lunch, and after school to play.  After high school I stopped playing for a number of years, there were just too many expansions coming out one after another.

    I recently started playing again with my wife and really enjoying the game again.
  • I play Red-Black. (I like being aggressive.) I have a really great deck in mind but it is still to be seen. Although at a draft same day as the Dragons of Tarkir expansion I got a deck that beat everyone in a space of 6-7 turns. (It took two to get enough mana, then I systematically wiped 5 health every turn from my opponent, each turn losing and regaining a creature to the frantic blocking with their two creatures against my five or six.) It was and is a fantastic deck and remains undefeated.
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