My idea for a youtube channel

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Hello Nerdfighteria

I apologise for this being my first post, I can't promise that I'll post lots, I'm terrible at forms, but I wanted to ask this question before I start bombarding you all with videos.

In 2007 I started reenacting world war 2 british infantry. I did it because I felt that the stories of the people who fought in those wars was worth remembering. I had to stop for various reasons. Now, I am considering doing a youtube channel where I want to tell the story of various battalions and regiments through the first and second world wars. My question is, would people from nerdfighteria be interested in viewing this?

What I want to do is avoid getting blamey, I also want to avoid getting all hero worshipy. I intend to start by exploring the history of a particular British Infantry battalion. They aren't some elite force who single handedly won the war. The soldiers who fought as part of this battalion were just a bunch of people who felt this was what they had to do. I would like to tell their story through these wars.

What John does in his History Crash Course videos is important. But I feel that the little person history is important. And that is what I'd like to explore.

If you think this is interesting, and you wish to view it, then I will happily record the videos.But if this isn't a good idea, and you don't want to see it, I will just be quiet and post normally.

Many thanks for the responses I hope will come


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