Fan Made Sith Lightsaber designs by me...

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Around the time that Star Wars episode 2 was released I had drawn my own concept designs for my own custom Sith Lightsabers.

It seemed from what I can tell in the movies that Jedi Lightsabers are always the same basic design but have different colored blades while the Sith always have a red lighsaber but the hilts allow for a secondary function besides just being a normal sword.

Anyway, I came up with 13 (I thought there were more but this is all I found.) Sith Lightsaber designs. They're all based on weapons from Soul Calibur II... It's just a coincidence that Yoda and Darth Vader ended up being characters in Soul Calibur as that game didn't exist yet. Also another oddity about this is that a few years after I drew these I actually worked with Nightmare's voice actor during a production of a Christmas Carol. Ted D'Agostino was our Fred... and I didn't even realize he was Nightmare till a year later. So um yeah... one of my former co-workers is also one of my favorite Video Game characters.

Anyway, I always meant to actually make fully detailed designs on the computer using Photoshop but never got around to it. Just got these bare bones sketches that explain how each one works but don't actually give any of the tech detail of the hilt itself. I'm going to describe these to you along with a brief description of the Sith they belong too... whole I'm actually going to make up as I go because I never really wrote that part on the original design sketches.

Ekdarth: Besides being the only Sith name to only be one word the oddity of this name is that it literally means "dark death" in the language of his people. Another oddity is that the alien word and the English translation just happen to be anagrams of each other and that if you remove the first two letters you get the Sith title.

He is equipped with an overload lightsaber. The hilt is pretty much just like a normal lightsaber but when activated the blade it produces is much larger than normal being nearly twice as long and three times wider than a standard blade.

Darth Traekir: One of the sand people, he was a hunter and one of his tribe's best hunters. Normally overlooked by the Jedi because of the aggressive nature of their species but easily accepted into the Sith.

He fashioned his own lightsaber to function much the same way as the staffs which are the preferred weapons of the sand people. It can be wielded as a normal lightsaber though the size of the hilt restricts it a bit or the preferred method is to use it as a bo-staff with a smaller energy blade at each end.

Darth Omega III: The original idea for these Sith was that the rule of two no longer exists. It was believed that the reason the Sith of the past had failed was because they were usually outnumbered by the Jedi. Most of the Sith in this time period don't even know about the rule of two except for this guy. The history of the Sith was passed down to him from the original barriers of the Omega name.

His lightsaber design is mainly only used as a normal lightsaber except it has a longer handle and bares a Sith Flag. It's basically a weaponized flag pole.

Darth Sola: The only female Sith Lord on the team but also the strongest.

Her lightsaber hilt is one of the largest ever built and most people can't even lift it. Even she needs two hands to wield it properly. It can be used as a normal lightsaber or as a giant axe.

Darth Mahykron: He's part of the same mysterious species that Yoda is from. Small in stature despite being fully grown he is the smallest of the Sith Lords.

His lightsaber, like Yoda's is scaled down for his size. However it's not just a tiny lightsaber as it also has the capability to create an energy shield. The one flaw of the weapon is that the energy shield and the saber blade can't be activated at the same time forcing him to switch between offensive and defensive modes.

Darth Homunculus: He looks like a droid and is often mistaken for one however he went through a similar process to General Grievous and Darth Vader. His brain and spinal cord are the only organic parts left of him. There was nothing wrong with his organic body, he had this done because he thought a droid body would make him immortal.

At the time I created this design I had no idea that this was an official Lightsaber from the expanded universe but he he has a lightsaber that can double as a whip. Instead of the blade being straight he can pull a switch on the hilt that disables whatever keeps the blade straight and then with the energy now hanging limp he can use it as a whip.

Darth Void: Originally a Jedi named Hando Herja Cason. I actually have a name for this one because I based this character on me and actually used a custom Lightsaber kit (This was an older style kit before Bladebuilders existed.) to actually build this design. I was originally going to call him Darth Hyrogen but I decided I really didn't like that name so it's Darth Void now.

Anyway the lightsaber actually has three uses. Normal blade, double blade like Darth Maul, or the hilt can be split in two parts. Not directly in half but rather so that one is smaller than the other. The blade in the smaller hilt also being about half the size of a normal lightsaber blade.

Darth Ohniks: His species naturally don't have any arms or legs but instead for some reason have four sets of wings. They don't actually need to flap all their wings at the same time but I guess it helps save energy when you can never stop flapping. Ohniks however is partially robotic. His front upper wings were surgically replaces with droid arms and his front lower wings were surgically replaced with droid legs leaving him with only his back four wings. Of course the added metal makes him heavier so he now requires both sets of wings to fly while in his natural state he could get away with flapping one set at a time.

His right arm is built with an attachment port at the end. When not in combat a droid hand is normally attached here. However when he goes into battle he removes the hand attachment and attaches his lightsaber hilt in it's place. He can also shoot laser blasts using this accessory but prefers hand to hand combat.

Darth Sjovdnt: He's been known to quickly master multiple different fighting styles. Just by watching his opponent he can copy their moves, predict what they're going to do, and counter any attack that might come at him. He's highly adaptive that way.

His lightsaber of choice, though because of the above he could really use any weapon, but his favorite is the Nunchaku. They do combine and appear to be a normal lightsaber, they can be used a double bladed lightsaber, but you can also split the hilt in half and there's a chain connecting the two halves.

Darth Quietus: His species doesn't really have normal hands. They're more like tentacles but they can grip things. Plus multiple personality disorder is really common among his people for some reason. He has five, a hero who does things by the way of the Jedi order, a Vigilante who still wants to do good but doesn't play by the rules, a neutral who doesn't get involved one way or the other, a rogue who works as a bounty hunter for hire to kill people but doesn't actually side with the Sith, and the Sith Lord Darth Quietus who loves killing people even when no one's paying him to do it.

The mention of the tentacles is kind of important because the way his hilt is designed no one with normal hands could even hold the damn thing... not comfortably anyway. It'd be very awkward trying to hold this thing if you didn't have weird tentacles for arms. Anyway, he can use it as a normal lightsaber. The secondary function which would be a little easier to use since the activation button is right where your thumb would be and would deploy three blades kind of like Wolverine's claws. Just trying to hold it the other way looks impossible unless you have weird tentacle arms.

Darth Corruo Predator: While his actual name is Corruo it's difficult to pronounce for some species. Because of this some of his fellow Sith have taken to liberty of translating his name into English... or um Galactic Basic... Preferring instead to call him Darth Predator.

His lightsaber design is based on the tonfa. Like all the others there is a normal sword function to this. However the extended handle has a secondary trigger for deploying the tonfa blade.

Darth Fallen: A native of the planet Mustafa, his species is capable of surviving in extreme heat.

Because of the nature of his species he does not actually need a lightsaber hilt. He does possess a synthetic Kyber Crystal, the very thing that powers a lightsaber and gives it it's color. He's able to focus energy through the crystal from his own body to generate the lightsaber energy into any shape he can imagine.

Darth Pessimus: He was found by the Sith as an infant and raised by them. That was the only name that was ever given to him. He would later betray the Sith and join the Jedi adopting a new name.

His light saber is similar to Sola except it's a much smaller axe that can be wielded single handedly.
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    Making this a separate post because that was getting too long. As you notice I never really gave any of these guys proper names, only Sith titles. Except for Darth Void/Hando Herja Cason. I mentioned he was based on me but I didn't really explain how.

    There was a Star Wars name generator online that gave instructions on how to come up with a Jedi name. Your first name is the first three letters of your last name HERmes, and the first two letters of your first name JAmes. Herja. That's actually not even my real name, that's just a stage name I made up. Hando is what you get when you do that with my legal name. I'm not going to tell you what that is, you're just going to have to guess or figure it out for yourself. Your last name is the first two letters of your mother's maiden name CA and the first three letters of the city you were born in SON. That comes out to Cason and again I'm not going to tell you the rest of the letters in that for security reasons.

    You don't have to use this method but it's there if you want it. So um... anyone want to help me name these guys?

    Here's some possible names I have so far.

    Ekdarth: Harwi Illimrtnell, Tfliegh, Gflieht, Hfliegt, Telifgh, Gelifht, or Helifgt

    Darth Traekir: Tropa Ptriktoughton

    Darth Omega III: Perjo Joptw or Ztrion

    Darth Sola: Bakto Ombakr

    Darth Mahykron: Davpe Ptdavion

    Darth Homunculus: Bakco Olnaker, McNsc, Conci, Botdi, Trara, Bolsi, Inawa, Firje, Supom, Armst, Stoba, Arlsn, or Hohva,

    Darth Void: Hando Herja Cason

    Darth Ohniks: McCsy SyvesermCoy, Greyt Kuohnvoi, Greyt prahym, or Greyt prahymuhl

    Darth Sjovdnt: McGpa PaumGann

    Darth Quietus: Hurjo Ohnurt and/or Eccch Christophrcceston

    Darth Corruo Predator: Tenda Avidteat, Scrst Odelo

    Darth Fallen: Smima Atsith, Mgtrous Avatron, Matrous Gavtron, Matronus Gvatro, or Mgtronus Avatro

    Darth Pessimus: Cappe Eercaali, Dax Prion, or Pessronix

    Also not really that attached to the Sith names either so if you have any better ideas let me know.
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