Doctor Who Series 10 episode reviews.

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I'm going to split these reviews up into three parts. Things I liked, things I didn't like, and a spoiler section at the end. The first two parts will not contain any major plot spoilers.

Things I liked. The Doctor's office is very nicely decorated. It reminds me of Professor Chronotis' TARDIS in Shada. Plus I love the attention to detail on the set with the photos he keeps. The episode also reminded me a lot of the first proper Clara episode with the same over all tone and feel. And by the first proper Clara episode if you don't know what I mean by that I'm referring to the first time we actually see the real Clara rather than her copies. I like that this episode kind of sets up the over arching plot for this series. I really want to know what's inside that vault. There isn't really any information on it at this point. I also love the camera work and editing in this episode. The way it's shot and how it transitions to different shots along with the dialog is just amazing. It's kinda hard to impress me with something as simple as aiming a camera so that really says a lot that I'm even noticing the way this episode was filmed.

Things I didn't like. The plot of the episode was kind of predictable. I figured out what the monster of the week was trying to do before the characters in the show did. I'm not really liking Bill at this point, though that could change as her character develops more. It's just kind of the worst introduction to a new companion I've ever seen. There's also something that appears in the episode which should be awesome but just seems kind of random and makes no sense.

One of the photo's on the Doctor's desk was a picture of his granddaughter and first companion, Susan Foreman. I'm wandering if they're ever going to bring her back in this series especially considering this is the first time she's ever been directly referenced in the new era of Doctor Who.

When Bill asks "When someone is gone do photos really help" the camera shows his reaction and then shows a close up of the Susan and River photos on his desk. The next scene is Bill for the first time seeing photos of her mother. This is one of the best shot and edited sequences I have ever seen. It adds to the conversation they were having without anyone actually saying a single word. The actors expressions help this as well. I actually stopped to rewatch this sequence about three times before I finished the episode. The whole thing is like that but this one in particular was really great.

About five to ten minutes before they revealed that Heather was trying to get Bill to travel with her, I had already figured that out. She only ever went where Bill did and she did promise to take Bill with her when she left. There was a moment when I think they were trying to get you to think she was going after the Doctor but the whole thing seemed very familiar. Like the entire plot was almost borrowed from a previous episode. It just made it very predictable and boring. I do kinda wish that Heather had been the companion instead of Bill but maybe that's just because of her asymmetrical eyes. I don't know why I just like weird things like that.

As for why I don't like Bill... she says Doctor What instead of Doctor Who, she sees the Doctor reflected in a mirror in photos of her mother immediately after telling the Doctor that her mother died when she was a baby and she doesn't have any photos of her but then never actually confronts him about it, she sees the Doctor and Nardall at that mysterious door and again never questions it, and it takes her a stupidly long time to realize that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. At first she calls it a kitchen then thinks it's a lift. In the first scene of the episode the Doctor practically brags about how smart she's suppose to be but then we never actually see her do or say anything intelligent. She comes off as a blooming idiot.

Finally that seeming random thing that shows up for no apparent reason. The Doctor gives Nardall a Sonic Screwdriver... but it's a classic Sonic which was destroyed and replaced and is supposedly the same sonic just with a different outer shell that the Doctor is currently using. And there's no reason why he would even need to do that since the Doctor could of used his own Sonic himself. So something which should of been really cool to see return is instead placed in the show for no reason other than hey here's the classic Sonic Screwdriver which shouldn't even exist at this point.

I have no doubt that the series will get better as there's a Multi-Master story coming at some point and I love the Master but we're off to a bit of a shaky start.
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    Things I liked: Oddly enough Bill... I think there was one moment in the entire episode where she kind of annoyed me but I've already forgotten what that was so couldn't of been too bad. For the most part she was actually pretty good in this episode. Wasn't really expecting to suddenly flip my opinion on her so quickly. Thought it would be a least a couple more episodes of not liking her before this happened if at all. The Doctor's first speech/theory about why there were no people around was really good. He actually convinced me that that's really what he believed at that point. Well I was convinced for about ten seconds before I realized he was only trying to fool the Emoji Bots and keep Bill calm.

    Things I didn't like: This episode was actually really boring. Not just predictable but the trailers and the opening scene pretty much spoil everything that happens later in the episode anyway. In fact I'm not even going to write a spoiler portion for this review because there's freaking nothing to spoil in this episode. If you've seen the emoji bots in the trailers you pretty much already know how this episode turns out. However you imagined this episode being is probably a lot more interesting than the reality of it.
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    Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I wasn't home and I don't have the bottons on my tablet to make Spoiler tags work so I had to wait till I could get to a proper key board. Going to split up Thin Ice and Knock Knock into different posts just so there's no confusion for which episode I'm discussing. With that being said onto the Thin Ice review.

    Things I liked: So far this is my favorite episode for Bill. I loved her in this. She's finally starting to question things which is one of the things she didn't do in the first episode that bothered me so much about her. There's actually several moments in this episode where she reminds me of Clara. There's also some moments in the episode which deal with the time period they happen to be in and her race which during Martha's run I felt like Doctor Who was trying to pretend that issues like that never existed. Please don't misinterpret what I'm saying here. Just because I'm talking about this in the things I like section doesn't mean I approve of it, racism is a terrible thing obviously. I just like that they weren't afraid to acknowledge that period of history. As horrible as it was, it's always a little weird to me whenever shows and movies set in that time period try to pretend like it didn't happen. And I like how pissed off the Doctor got whenever anyone addressed Bill as a lesser being because of her race. This was also the first episode that wasn't so predictable. I thought it was going to go one way and they actually went another way.

    Things I didn't like: There's a scene I'll elaborate on in the spoiler section. Moments like this are why I freaking hate Capaldi's Doctor. This didn't happen so much in series 9 but series 8 it was almost every episode there was a moment like this. I really hope Capaldi is revealed to be the Valeyard by the end of this series because besides being a major jerk... and that's putting it nicely... this incarnation of the Doctor also is the closest match to the description of the Valeyard's origin. Capaldi also kinda looks like an older version of the actor who originally played the character and it could be explained why there's an age difference the same way that they explained Davison's appearance in Time Crash.

    The scene in question is where the Doctor is more worried about his bloody Sonic Screwdriver than saving the life of a child. The fact that he doesn't even seem to care at all that a child just died right in front of him and he did nothing to save him. Any other Doctor would have done anything he could to save that kid and if he really couldn't do anything he would of gotten just as angry and upset as Bill did. Why does this Doctor not give a $#!* whenever someone dies around him? I pretty much liked everything in this episode except for this one moment. Also kind felt like Capaldi was playing two completely different characters in this episode because of this. I mean he punches a guy because he made a racist comment towards Bill but doesn't bat an eye when a child dies. What the hell? How is this the same person?
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    Knock Knock

    Things I like: There's another Susan reference in this episode when Bill refers to the Doctor as her grandfather which is what Susan always called him. I thought it was a nice throw back to the first episode how the photo of Susan and the Doctor's description of Bill seemed to compare the two characters. I also like how she showed the picture of her mom around the room which we know the Doctor is the only reason why she even has that picture from the first episode.

    Things I didn't like: This might just be bias because there was a lot of speculation before this episode came out about who exactly the Landlord was and what this episode was going to be about none of which turned out to be true. And I think the fan theories sounded a lot more interesting than the episode we actually got. One of my personal favorite fan theories involved the Landlord being a Time Lord and the person responsible for the TARDIS-like ship from "the Lodger". I was kind of hoping to see Craig again who was originally introduced in that episode. He knows about Regeneration but has never properly met any other Doctor besides Matt Smith so I think it would be interesting to see him with Capaldi's Doctor. It wasn't really a bad episode for what it was. I'm just kind of disappointed because the fan theory sounded a lot more interesting than the episode we actually got.

    One thing I didn't like that I couldn't mention in that section because it's a spoiler... I don't really get how the wooden lady forgot that her "father" was actually her son. The Doctor tried to explain it but I don't really feel like that explanation actually explained anything. The wood lice preserved her body but not her memory? What does that even mean? Wouldn't he have continued to call her mum for a while even if she didn't remember? I mean exactly how did she forget that was her son? That just doesn't make sense to me. Also didn't mention this in the like section because of the same spoiler but she reminded me of the wood people from the Doctor Who Narnia Christmas Special. I can't remember the actual title right now but it was a reference to Narnia. Actually one of my favorite episodes. I shouldn't really care so much about a family who only appears in that one episode but I do.
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    Things I liked: The opening lecture the Doctor gives. He's done this in a few episodes before but this is the first time he's actually been talking to someone. Before lectures like this kind of broke the 4th wall because he would be talking directly to us. Also the speech was a reference to Star Trek. Liked the fluid link reference which the First Doctor also lied about as an excuse to explore around Skarro the first time he met the Daleks. One other non-Doctor Who reference I noticed and I'm not sure if this was intentional or not but the plot of the episode is about an evil corporation taking your air and then selling it back to you... That's the plot of Space Balls. It's not the exact same plot just enough to be a nice reference rather than a total rip off.

    Things I didn't like: I'm just going to refer you to the spoiler section for this one because there's no way to talk about this without spoilers.

    This episode pulled a fake out on killing Bill TWICE. One fake out is bad enough but two in the same episode? The first one happens when the suit forces her to remove her helmet. I was kind of OK with that one. I'm kind of glad that at least there was a negative effect of this not a suddenly everything is fine again. The second one however the cope out of oh the battery in her suit was too low to actually kill her so it just knocked her out for a bit. that was completely unnecessary. I don't normally get annoyed at fake outs like this I mean Clara has come close to death multiple times but having two in the same episode is what really bothers me.
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    Hello Sweeties... SPOILERS!

    On the face of it, Oxygen looks like a play on the zombies trope until you realise that it is the suits themselves which are alive and the people inside them aren't undead, they're just plain dead.

    I also like how the villain of the week here isn't zombies but uncaring capitalism. I wonder if that's a covert attack on the May Government re: the BBC itself.

    by Rollo
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    I'm actually not sure how I feel about that which is why I never bothered to mention it. Part of me still wants to call them that even though I know they're not.
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    Speculation Time:

    Who or what is in the vault?

    In the running so far are Missy (likely), Bill (not likely), the Doctor (Moffat likely), or the world (this is Doctor Who after all).
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    Um kinda late to speculate on what's in the vault now. Guessing you aren't caught up on the series. And this is why I include spoiler sections. Also because I can't do spoiler tags on my tablet I'm not wrighting the next review till Sunday or Tuesday... why not Monday? Because comic con is Monday.
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    Things I liked: My favorite Doctor Who villain makes an appearance again. Kind of under utilized in this episode but any time I see that character show up I'm happy. Also like the new villains they've introduced in this one. Though I'm not entirely convinced that these Monks are actually new villains. The way they look and act is very similar to the Silence. The Silence also have religious origins being genetically engineered as priests to confess your sins to. I think these Monks are the genetic rejects, created the same way as the silence but without the ability to make people forget them when they're not looking at them. The idea that they may be genetic rejects could also explain why they look decayed. But the way the religious themes and the way they move and speak is exactly like the Silence. They just look like genetic rejects to me.

    Things I didn't like: I'm going to go into more detail about this in the spoiler section but the over all plot for this episode I've seen before... fairly recently... on two other shows. Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. both did this exact same thing. Actually I just remembered an episode of Are you Afraid of the Dark also had the same thing happen years ago. Also don't really like the way that the Doctor was using the Sonic Sunglasses to see. How does that even work? If he's blind than how is he able to see the virtual display in the sunglasses? There's another thing which I don't think I can even vaguely talk about without giving away the spoiler so I'm just not going to talk about it here.

    That other thing I mentioned that I couldn't even vaguely talk about also has to do with that Doctor Who villain who I never actually named in the things I liked section. Missy is the one in the vault and several flash backs in this episode show how she ended up in there. Pretty much everyone guessed this after the first series 10 trailer. As much as I love any incarnation of the Master/Mistress the reveal of this is pretty boring considering that was the first guess that everyone made. Plus it seemed to have nothing to do with the rest of the episode. I was expecting them to wait till the end to reveal it and I kind of hoped that it wasn't going to be the most obvious answer. A lot of episodes this season have been really predictable. Anyway, the other plot I mentioned seeing in other shows is the idea of the entire world existing in a virtual reality. Arrow did this in the Invasion episode where a few characters were kidnapped by the Dominators and put into a virtual reality world. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just finished an entire story arc set in a virtual reality world right before this episode aired. Plus it's pretty much a cop out as pretty much nothing in this episode ever actually happened. It's like when tv shows do a dream episode where at the end a main character wakes up and you realize none of it is real. They didn't really add anything new to it to make it stand out from the dozens of other times that plots like this have been done.

    Also in case you're wandering why I posted this early. I came home early because I've been sick for the last couple days. Woke up one night coughing and wheezing barely able to breath. It's been off and on like that for a few days but then one night when I thought I was starting to get over it.. I was fine for a while until I went to get my step son out of bed and just caring him five feet from his bed to the living room winded me like I had just ran five miles. Considering I can't even pick him up without feeling like I've just gone on a five mile run there's no point in me being there. Plus I don't want him to catch whatever it is that I have... I just hope he didn't catch it already. With his disability his immune system might not be able to fight it so It's best I'm not around him right now.

    I'm hoping I'm over this by Monday but there's a possibility I might be cancelling my plans to go to Comic Con too. This really sucks, the first ever convention that happens in my local area, that I can actually afford to go to, and I might have to miss it because of being sick.
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    The Pyramid at the End of the World

    Things I liked: The way they did the recap of the last episode by having Bill tell Penny about it as a dream. Those "previously on" recaps are usually the worst part of any series. I never really understood the point of them. If you've already seen the episode then you know what happened in the previous episode and there's no need for the recap. If you haven't seen the previous episode then you're going to want to actually watch the full episode first before watching the continuation anyway or you're not even going to care about the series in the first place. So who are these recaps for? In this particular instance I like it just because they got a little creative by having it actually be part of the episode. I also like the part later where the Doctor makes another speech to no one and Bill actually asks if he's talking to himself. Considering how often Peter Capaldi's Doctor has made these types of speeches I'm so glad it's finally been addressed by another character on the show. I'm not sure but I think this is the first episode of Doctor Who that features a little person as a normal human. They've been on the show before but usually as some sort of alien or the Elves in that one Christmas special. I can't recall seeing any human characters played by little people before this. And simply looking human doesn't count, that guy from Nightmare in Silver looked human but he was from a different planet, not Earth, so still not actually human.

    Things I didn't like: The events of this episode seem to have little to nothing to do with the last episode. Kinda strange considering this is suppose to be a direct continuation of the last episode. The Monks appear in both episodes but it seems like their motivations have completely changed from the last episode. Before they were studying the Earth to discover our weaknesses so they could rule by force but now it's been changed so that they've predicted a world ending event and need consent to help us. They went from ruling by force to ruling by love. I actually agree with their assessment that ruling by fear can never work but as one of the guys in the show said, they look like corpses. They're down right terrifying so the whole idea of loving them also seems to conflict. Plus there's still the thing I didn't like from the last episode of the Doctor using the Sonic Sunglasses to see... I still don't understand how that works. How is he able to see the User Interface?

    One of the other things that seems to have no connection at all to the last episode is that there's no mention of the vault or Missy in this episode. This is the first episode to not mention or show the vault in some way and makes me wander why they even bothered to include those flash backs in the last episode if the stuff with Missy has nothing to do with this. I was kind of expecting to see someone breaking Missy out of the vault at the end of this episode as a teaser for the next part. Not really being able to tell exactly who it is but just enough glimpses of him that people who have watching since David Tenant would be able to tell who it was while still keeping his identity a mystery to newer fans. I'm of course talking about John Simms' Master. But nope there's no reference to any version of the Master anywhere in this episode. So why did they reveal that Missy was in the vault in the last episode if they weren't going to continue that story line in this episode? This actually makes me hate the last episode because it was entirely pointless to the plot of this one. This is suppose to be a continuation but you could actually watch this without ever seeing Extremis and have no problem at all following the plot. They could have even taken out the previously on and still wouldn't effect a damn thing. Extremis really shouldn't have even been made considering how it seemingly has nothing to do with the story. The Misstress parts will obviously come back into play at some point but I think they should of waited to show that in a later episode instead of revealing it now along with a pointless story that never actually happens.
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    Things I liked: Pretty much everything except for one thing.

    Things I didn't like: The fake out regeneration. I was hoping that this was going to be some kind of slow regeneration that takes a few episodes to fully work itself out caused by the virus from the last episode but instead we got this which I'll talk about in greater detail in the spoiler section. It was just stupid an unnecessary. Why would the Doctor fake a regeneration when Bill doesn't even know what that is? How would he even be able to fake a regeneration, it's usually triggered by the need to heal but here he's just using energy for no reason. This scene seems to break continuity and character all for the sake of faking out the audience. We know he's not regenerating till the Christmas special so why even bother with a fake out when we were told before the series even started that he wouldn't be regenerating yet. That's why I don't really feel like the fake regeneration needs spoilers because we all knew it was coming but I am going to spoiler tag exactly how the fake out was done.

    The Doctor convinces Bill that he's joined the Monks. He's doing this to test her, to make sure she hasn't been brain washed. Of course the Doctor should have already known this the moment she walks in trying to free the Doctor from the Monks and freaks out about the fact that the Doctor has joined them. But instead for some odd ball reason he's not satisfied that she hasn't been brainwashed until she shoots him. He then staggers around for a bit, you start to see that regeneration effect, and then it just stops and he's fine. It's revealed that the soldiers guns were all loaded with blanks not real bullets and the whole thing was just a test to see if she would shoot him. It's a pointless test, completely stupid wast of time, all for a fake out regeneration that we knew was going to be a fake out regeneration. Even if we didn't know that the real regeneration would be in the Christmas Special this would still be the dumbest way to fake out the audience. This one moment ruins an otherwise great episode. I wish this had been cut out to give us more of Missy at the end cause I feel like that scene had been cut short.
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    Things I liked: There was a running joke in this episode where Bill would make a movie reference and the Doctor wouldn't know what she's talking about. I think it was established in a previous adventure that the Doctor doesn't watch a lot of movies and it was kinda funny especially when towards the end the Doctor finally makes a reference to one movie he does know and it's not something that Bill would expect him to know about. I'm not going to spoil what it is. I'm not even going to mention it in the spoiler section because I think it's a moment you just have to experience for yourself. The episode also reminded me a lot of Cold War which is one of my favorite episodes. There's enough differences so that it doesn't feel like a direct rip off of a previous episode but just enough similarities to give me flash backs to a previous Ice Warrior story. Oddly I don't really remember ever seeing any classic Doctor Who with the Ice Warriors. Is it always like this whenever they're around? I know they're classic monsters I just don't think I seen them before Cold War.

    Things I didn't like: They never really gave an explanation for what was wrong with the TARDIS in this episode. It just vanishes on it's own at one point and we never hear why it did that. Maybe it'll be explained in the next episode but for now it kinda bugs me.

    I'm going to do something a little different for the spoiler section this time around. I have a theory for future episodes but my theory contains spoilers for events that happened in this episode. As such my theory will also be contained within the spoiler tags even though it might not happen as I'm suggesting.

    As mentioned above the TARDIS takes off on it's own for no apparent reason. What I didn't tell you is that Nardole had gone into the TARDIS just in time to see the controls on the console moving by themselves. The TARDIS ends up back in the Doctor's office and Nardole goes to the vault to ask Missy for help fixing the TARDIS. She agrees but then says "It'll probably be easier if I just showed you." The episode leaves you hanging there not sure if Nardole is going to let her out or if she's going to trick him so she can steal the Doctor's TARDIS for herself. At the end of the episode we see that Missy is indeed on board the TARDIS. The Doctor says they're going to have to return her to the vault. Agree Missy agrees. This is making me think that she really is turning good as she isn't putting up any kind of a fight.

    So this is my theory for the future of Doctor Who. As you may know I've theorized for a long time that Peter Capaldi's Doctor is actually the Valeyard. A version of the Doctor who had turned evil. Missy appears to be turning good. What if in the multi-Doctor/multi-Master story line at the end of the series Peter Capaldi's Doctor finally actually officially takes the name Valeyard and teams up with the past incarnations of the Master while the Mistress turned good ends up teaming up with past incarnations of the Doctor. And more importantly what if the next series of Doctor Who sees a role reversal between the two characters where the Mistress is our hero and the Valeyard is our primary villain. Not sure if they would actually go that far with it. Maybe after a while the past Masters and the past Doctors end up realizing that they need to work together in order to restore their future selves. I could see them doing a whole story where Anthony Ainsley's Master played by a different actor, has to travel back in time to help Colin Baker's Doctor stop the Valeyard which we've already seen him do. After returning to the present the Valeyard and the Mistress get killed and in their next regeneration turn back into the Good Doctor and the Evil Master. It would be interesting though if their whole reason for making Missy turn good was so that the TARDIS could still have a Time Lord while the Valeyard is off in the past, at least until he's able to be the Doctor again. I don't think they would ever make it a permanent switch but maybe at least for a couple episodes in the next series. It is still Doctor Who after all and we were promised that the Valeyard was still in his future so having a good Master to battle the evil Doctor would make sense.
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    Things I liked: Nardole was surprisingly really good in this episode. He's usually just kinda there and I don't get what the point of him is but he was honestly the most entertaining part of this episode.

    Things I didn't like: It feels like they tried to cram far too much into this one episode. There are things that happen towards the beginning of the episode that I fell like could have played a bigger part of the story but then never actually is explained or is not even ever mentioned again. I'll go into more detail in the spoiler section. The other issue is that there's things that happen that in previous episodes which this episode just seems to completely ignore. Again I'll go into more detail in the spoiler section. Basically it was a terribly written episode.

    The show opens with two kids playing on this hill. The boy seems scared of something for some reason and the girl talks about hearing music. Something happens that makes you think the girl gets killed but then at the end you see she's fine and they talk about the music again but it's never explained where the music is coming from or what caused it. It's just there and seems to have nothing to do with anything going on in the episode. There's also a crow that says Doctor both in the time period with the two kids and in the past but at no point do we actually see the crow learn the Doctor's name. It just randomly says Doctor for seemingly no reason. And they even say in the episode that crows in the future have stopped talking so why is it that a crow in present day Scottland is still saying Doctor? There's also a picture of the TARDIS carved into a rock where the crow is perched and again no explanation for this. It seems to already be carved there even in the past.

    Once we actually get into the story, the Doctor and Bill are looking for Roman soldiers. The Doctor is complaining that Bill thinks she knows more about the Romans than him. Bill even mentions reading the book that was also Amy's favorite book which Rory appears in and there's never any mention of the fact that one of the Doctor's best friends was a Roman soldier for 5,000 years, instead the Doctor spouts out some non-sense about how HE was a Roman soldier... When the hell did this happen?

    Later on when the Romans and the Scottish can some how understand each other it's said that the Doctor himself is translating for everyone except it was previously established that the translation effect came from being inside the TARDIS not the Doctor... Several characters are able to understand each other even when the Doctor isn't around so how the hell does this work? This went from being a nice way to explain why everyone always speaks English to horribly written non-sense. I could buy the whole idea that when you've traveled inside the TARDIS that you can speak and understand different languages thing but when characters who have never been in the TARDIS are able to speak and understand each other's languages, that's just lazy writing.

    And finally... The Doctor made a huge deal about Missy being out of the vault in the last episode and now suddenly he's the one that let her out and seems to be the only one that doesn't have an issue with it even though he just said in the previous episode "This can never happen again." So why is it happening again? I still like Gomez's performance in this scene but the total 180 from the last episode with the Doctor kinda ruined it for me.

    Oh and the monster... considering everything else going on, even the monster was kind of just a foot note in this story. The trailers made it look epic and awesome but actually watching it felt like I was watching a Micheal Bay movie without the explosions in it. I just compared this to a Micheal Bay movie, it was that bad.
    by RialVestro
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    I don't know if anyone is actually reading these things but next week I'm not going to be able to post a review right after the episode, which is a shame because it's the Multi-Master episode that I've been most looking forward to. Unfortunately I'm going to be busy for a week or two starting on that Saturday. I may end up watching the episode twice, the first time on my tablet just to see it and then again whenever I can get home just so everything is fresh in my mind before I go into a major in depth review.

    I might still be around on the forums in other places but I can't use spoiler tags on my tablet so I need to be at my computer for it. The keys just don't exist on the virtual key board... plus the key board some times likes to close itself up before I've actually finished typing so I just don't want to deal with it. I need an actual physical key board for that thing.
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    I feel really ripped off by "World Enough and Time".

    I didn't care about the vault. I didn't care about Missy in the vault. I started to care about Bill and now she's been cannibalised.

    This episode is like a scorched earth policy, to get rid of Bill; which I think is really really stupid unless Thirteen starts with a new companion from scratch.
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    They had said a long time ago that Bill wasn't going to make it to the next series so we've known for a long time that she was probably going to die at the end of the season. Though I wasn't it to happen like that.
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    We have just found out that Bill will be in the Christmas special.

    How does that work? No idea.
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    One person on YouTube said that he wouldn't mind a female Doctor at some point in the future but to do it so soon after the first female Master just feels like a publicity stunt. I don't entirely agree with his opinion but I did want to point it out because I think whenever something like this happens there's always the assumption that every man who has a problem with it must be sexist.

    There was also an interview with Peter Davidson about it saying that it has mostly been a show with a strong female companion and a male Doctor who's often unsure of himself. He acts like he has a plan but he often doesn't. And to reverse that, having a strong male companion with a female Doctor often unsure of herself would be more of a stereotype than anything else. Davidson has gotten a lot of hate for that, and again I don't entirely agree with it... the Doctor does mostly tend to have female companions but he's had male companions as well. Why do people always forget about them? And who says that if the Doctor is a woman that the companions have to suddenly start switching to mostly men?

    Also I don't think that all of his companions have been strong female characters... especially in the classic era when female characters were often written as weak, easily frightened, and needing of a man to help rescue them. New era companions are often much stronger and more independent. They still need saving every once in a while because there are just some situations you can't get out of on your own regardless of gender. But it's nice to see like Amy and Rory where Amy was usually the stronger of the two and Rory further broke gender norms by being a male nurse. Classic era feel companions just felt like they were there to be frightened by everything and have to constantly be saved by the Doctor. Possibly also to be attractive... at least that's how they're always described but I don't know, I think standards for what is considered attractive has changed sense then... Or maybe it's just because even though they were young at the time I still just see them as old people way ahead of my time and I just can't find a woman old enough to be my grandmother attractive. Plus I'm not all about looks, even some of the new companions who are closer to my age I don't find attractive because I don't like their personalities in the show. I might like them in real life, but I've never met any of them. Martha Jones and Clara Oswald I think were the most attractive companions. Not necessarily in that order. I like Amy too but she has moments I don't like where it's kinda like that episode where she was out of sync and lived to be an old woman in that one facility, yeah the old woman version of Amy kind of embodied every aspect of the character I hated. Some of it is still there when she's young but it's not quite as noticeable as it is with old Amy. Of course since they saved the younger version of her she'll never turn into that mean old woman... still still grow into an old woman but with Rory. It was being alone that turned her into that. That's kinda how I see people if that makes any sense. Like if she's kind I'd always see her as a young attractive girl no matter how old she gets. But if she's mean I'm always going to see her as an ugly hag.

    Anyway, back on topic, I also think that maybe in the classic era the Doctor was not so confident. He didn't know what he was doing most of the time. But as he's gotten older and saved the Earth countless times I think he's grown more confident over the years. Even though he still rarely has a plan he's often, especially in Matt Smith's era, scaring away enemies just with the mere mention of his name. I don't think there would be any problem with having a strong female Doctor. And all companions regardless of gender aren't really that confident because they don't know how to react to alien threats. Anyone, man or woman isn't going to be as confident as the Doctor would be because he or she is the one with all the experience. So I don't agree with Davidson's opinion but I don't think it was sexist of him to say that. And he has also said that even though he has his doubts about a female Doctor that he's still giving her his support and has said we should all give her a chance, at least watch a couple episodes before you start forming opinions on her Doctor. It's ok to have some doubts about a female Doctor. I don't think it's really outright sexist unless someone is saying "Oh I hate this idea I'm never watching the show with a female Doctor." If they've already made up their mind that they hate her without even seeing her then yes that is sexist. But we should stop assuming that sexism is automatically involved regardless of what a person is actually saying.

    This also happened with the new Ghostbusters because apparently Feminists can't think of any other reason for people to hate the movie other than sexism. For me personally I just wanted them to be new characters, which they were. The only reason I hated the idea was because I thought they were just going to be female versions of the original cast but the only one I could really make a comparison with was that the original team and the new team have one black person. And even she was nothing like her counterpart other than race. After seeing the movie I actually liked it though a couple of the girls, the main two, were annoying and boring. I actually liked all the original guys but not all of the new characters were good. And non of this has anything to do with the gender. Hell I even like the original secretary but hate the idiot in the new movie and he's a guy.

    With the Doctor the gender change doesn't really bother me because it's already been said that every cell in their body changes when they regenerate. Honestly I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I mean if every cell can change then there's no reason why it should always be a white man. He's had different hair, different eyes, different everything. Normally that would bother me but when they set it up so anyone can play the Doctor without having to look and act like William Hartnell then it makes no logical sense for his race and gender to remain unchanged.

    That would be like if Morph from the X-Men could only turn into white men. He's a shape shifter, his power allows him to turn into anyone, so why would changing skin color or gender be out of the question?

    All that being said I'm not forming any kind of opinion on Jodie until we actually see her as the Doctor. Even after the Christmas Special I probably still won't have anything to say about her because we never really get a good feel for how the new Doctor is till at least their first full episode. I don't think I really formed any kind of opinion on Capaldi until Deep Breath.

    Though for some reason I always see people complaining about the new Doctor before we even get a chance to see them. And they're always really dumb complaints. Matt Smith is too young. He's been getting younger nearly every regeneration by this point. Peter Capaldi is too old. He started out old, the character is old, how can you be too old. I think some people just like to complain even when they have no idea what they're talking about. I think every new actor needs to be given a fair chance to actually play the role before forming any kind of opinion on them.

    Jodi could be a terrible Doctor, but that has nothing to do with her gender. Or she could be the best Doctor ever. We just can't know till we actually see her as the Doctor. I just hope the transition doesn't get over looked. The Doctor always has a transitional period of getting use to his new body and this is one of the biggest changes ever. He's been so use to being a man at this point that she can't just go oh I'm a woman now and instantly just be the Doctor. There was a couple times when he regenerated where he wasn't even sure of who he was at first. Might be kinda hard to sell this but if she pulls off the first episode right I think everything will be fine.

    All that being said, I'm actually at home right now. I'm going to head to bed soon cause it's getting late but tomorrow I will be rewatching the last two episodes of Doctor Who before posting my reviews. I am going to do something a little different with this one. Normally what I do is watch the episode, then I talk to my dad about the episode because he's a Doctor Who fan too so of course my dad is going to be the first person I share my opinions with. By the time I'm done talking to him it's been like an hour since the episode ended when I finally sit down to write these. This time, since I'm rewatching the episodes before I write the reviews so everything is fresh in my mind that I want to talk about I'm going to sit at the computer with Xfinity open on my tablet and write the review as I'm seeing it happen. I'll still arrange everything into the three sections but I'm also going to break it up a bit more so it's not all in giant blocks as my brain jumps back and fourth between different scenes.
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    World Enough and Time

    Things I liked: Missy saying that his real name is Doctor Who and even mentioning that he dropped the Who after a while. This seems to be a reference to the fact that in the classic era the actors were actually credited as playing Dr. Who. Though he was never called that in the episodes they did drop the Who from the credits around the third or fourth incarnation and just started crediting all future incarnations as just The Doctor.

    Missy also seems to break the 4th wall a little bit referring to Bill as Exposition and Nardole as Comic Relief.

    At first the scenes being played out of chronological order was kind of annoying but it was kind of worth it for Bill saying "don't get me killed" and then cutting to the shot of her with a giant hole in her stomach.

    Also my initial opinion of the classic era Cybermen appearing in modern Doctor Who was that it can never work. It was fine back then because that was the best they could do at the time but now they just look like actors in costumes. However that giant hole in Bill's stomach, the Top Knots just repeatedly saying "Pain" it was freaking creepy and made the silly appearance of the classic Cybermen actually work. I've never been so happy to be wrong about something.

    The design doesn't really scare me at all, it's kinda like a kid in a sheet as a ghost for Halloween. But with all the talk of pain and wanting to die, it really makes you question what they actually look like under there. Maybe the coverings are to make them appear less frightening cause the body horror of what's underneath could be truly horrifying to look at. This is like a modern day psychological horror cause whatever you're imagining is under those sheets is probably far more terrifying than anything they could show on television.

    Razor saying "When you hug me, it hurts my heart" Bill getting all emotional. Then continuing. "No your chest unit. Digs right in." That scene was just as funny the second time as it was the first time.

    Things I didn't like: The Doctor doesn't member if he was a man or not? He's been a man in every incarnation, I don't care how old you get how can you not know your own gender when it's never changed before. I could see that with the Master/Mistress because there are incarnations we've never seen so it's possible she's been a woman before now which would make it more believable that he doesn't remember if she was a man or a woman in the past but himself? That makes no sense.

    Even though Razor explains that they're on the bottom of the ship, I totally misunderstood and didn't notice the city inside the ship at the beginning of the episode. I just saw the number of the floor. So when the Doctor started talking about time moving at different rates, I thought that that the bottom of the ship was hovering above Mondas' surface and that they were on Mondas under the ship. The way he talks really didn't make it clear that they were still on the ship.

    There was another Top Knot later in the episode saying "Die me" which really should of been "Kill me". That could of added to the creepiness of these things if he had said "kill me" but not only was it grammatically incorrect but I could barely even make it out. I really wish that one had more clearly said "kill me" because hearing how these things are just constantly in pain and that they want to die, it just adds so much to the making these things freaking scary.

    I really could of used more of the Master and Mistress interaction. We get more in the next episode the first time I watched this I was waiting the whole episode wandering when the heck he was going to show up.

    Razor creeped me out but I had no idea he was really the Master in disguise the whole time. I didn't even realize that was actually John Simm in a lot of make up and prosthesis till I saw the behind the scenes. All I knew was that even though he appeared to be helping Bill at first, that he was going to end up betraying her at some point. Above I tried to make it seem like Razor and Master were two different characters because I didn't want to spoil the reveal for anyone. I actually liked it a lot better the second time knowing he was the Master but the first time it kind of annoyed me that I had to wait till almost the end of the episode to see the Master.

    When Razor finally does betray Bill, that scene also adds to the creepyness of the Cybermen that I mentioned earlier. Even though they look kinda silly, the way the scene is shot and the acting just is terrifying.

    When Razor started talking to Missy, that's when I realized he was actually the Master. Just a few minutes before the reveal. The dialog kinda gave it away.

    I loved that last close up shot of Bill's eye crying and zooming back out a bit to show the modern tear drop eye shape on the classic Cyberman eye.

    Something a little different I wanted to add here. I would really recommend watching this episode twice. For me it was actually more fun the second time knowing the spoiler. If you've read the spoiler section this is in regards to that first paragraph, that is the main reason I enjoyed it more the second time. If you haven't already, watch the episode, then read the spoiler section to see what I'm talking about. If you have seen the episode already, go watch it again.
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    The Doctor Falls

    Things I liked: Master and Mistress debating how to kill the Doctor. That scene was just wanderfully shot and wonderfully acted. I loved everything about it. It's also freaking hilarious watching the Master trying to romance himself... or is it herself... I'm kinda confused about pronouns when one of them is a he and the other is a she.

    The Doctor saying knock yourself out and Miss actually knocking herself out. Also the line about being in two minds but one of them being unconscious at the moment. I love how you're never quite sure who's side Missy is really on.

    The Doctor's dead, he told me he always hated you. The Doctor's dead, he told me he always hated you. Yeah I heard you the first time.

    Master to CyberBill: Didn't you use to be a woman? I'm going to be a woman, fairly soon. Any rips, old bras. It's funny because she's a CyberMAN. There's only ever really been one CyberWOMAN and that was in an episode of Torchwood.

    The scene talking about converting the children into Cybermen and there being less to throw away... by this point I'm down right terrified of the Cybermen. I kinda forgot how silly they look when they were talking about this.

    Everyone aiming their gadgets at the lift. The first modern era Cyberman to appear. I also like the explination of why there are multiple eras of Cybermen in this episode.

    Master practicing wearing make up was kinda funny and a subtle touch.

    The Master being attracted to himself... or herself, and that whole scene regarding the dematerialization circuit. I could probably make this a lot shorter by just saying I loved every moment that Master and Missy were on screen.

    Peter Capaldi's speech to the Master and Missy. For most of the series I haven't really seen him as the Doctor. I keep waiting for him to come out as the Valeyard. Why couldn't he always be like he was in this scene. It's kind of a shame that it took this long for me to finally see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Nothing against him just the way he's been written has been terrible. This scene shows a glimpse of what could have been if he was written better. This is honestly the only episode where I've actually liked Capaldi's Doctor. And it continues into the next scene as he's talking to Nardole. If they hadn't of gone so dark with the tone in season 8 maybe we could of gotten more of Peter Capaldi like he was here. But no they had to go for a darker tone and as a result he's more Valeyard than Doctor.

    Things I didn't like: The riffle scene looked cool but they didn't do a great job of explain what is actually causing the explosions. I know they're on a space ship but what the heck is on that ship that is exploding?

    When the Cyberman attacks the Doctor, the blast doesn't even leave a mark on him. What the heck is up with that?

    The first time I seen the episode and saw Bill in the barn I thought that the Doctor had found a way to return her to normal. I think they did a great job of showing how she sees herself as normal Bill while actually still being a Cyberman. And the people's reactions to her also helped to add to the creepiness of these classic era Cybermen. Everything about this scene was great. I'm of course putting this in the spoiler section to not give it away that Bill is still a Cyberman. It's not as good the second time when I already knew what was going on, but I loved this scene the first time I saw it. Also, "Somebody broke the barn, no biggie." lol

    I loved that final exchange between the Master and the Mistress killing each other. It sucks that they're story basically ends there, at least for this episode, but it's still a great scene, I don't think it's entirely over yet. I'm pretty sure they're going to turn up in the Christmas episode some how.

    I'm the Doctor, the original you might say, Peter Capaldi saying this to the Cyberman and then David Bradley and the first Doctor repeating it back to him at the end of the episode was a nice touch.

    Heather is back! I love how they did this whole scene cutting between CyberBill, normal Bill, explaining how Heather showed up right at this moment. I totally was not expecting to see her again but I loved this. I thought this was the perfect ending for Bill's character as well and it kind of bothers me that they're basically going to forget about this as she comes back in the very next episode.

    I love the way this episode ended with both 1 and 12 not wanting to change but I hate that I have to wait till Christmas to see how this story ends.

    I didn't really know where else to put this because it's not really good, bad, or a spoiler. Just something I noticed. The episode seems to focus a lot on this one little girl who looks like she could be a younger version of Bill or possibly her mother as a kid. Fans have long speculated that Bill was actually a Mondasian so that would tie in perfectly if this girl was related to her some how.

    As you can see I didn't really have much of anything bad to say about this episode. I loved this episode, it's the best of Peter Capaldi's entire run... at least till Christmas...
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