How did you "discover" vlogbrothers?

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How did you "discover" vlogbrothers? 8 votes

John's Books
tuttimattmCarlaafonsoerin212 4 votes
Movies of John's Books
Hank's Music
AdamTheAlien 1 vote
CrashCourse videos
savindafishiestashcass 2 votes
AnFa 1 vote
Friend/family member is a Nerdfighter


  • AdamTheAlienAdamTheAlien Canby, Oregon/Tacoma, WashingtonPosts: 36 ✭✭
    Hank's Music
    I voted "Hank's music", but I feel like that option doesn't really aptly describe it. I discovered Vlogbrothers through, well...Vlogbrothers. It was technically Hank's music, because it was Accio Deathly Hallows getting featured on the front page of YouTube (back when that was a significant thing) that drew me in, and then John's hilarious green-hair-dye response video that kept me to stay. Hank wasn't a musician back then, at least in the way we consider him now, he was a guy who periodically made music for a larger video project. There were no albums, there were no concerts, there was no DFTBA records. He was a vlogger with musical leanings. So I feel, especially as it was both brothers that hooked me that day, it's a bit disingenuous to say it was Hank's music that brought me in...even though it absolutely was, technically. I guess the wording on the option makes it sound like I heard an album, or saw a concert, or some such thing.
    - Adam J. Manley
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