How Many Languages Does Nerdfighteria Speak?



  • FrenchthegiraffeFrenchthegiraffe Posts: 3
    English, French, Spanish, Catalan!
  • hermionegrangerhermionegranger Atlanta, Georgia, USAPosts: 82
    English and Telugu
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  • RoopaliRoopali IndiaPosts: 14
    edited February 8
    Hindi, English.
    by Roopali
  • RoopaliRoopali IndiaPosts: 14
    Hindi, English.
  • ExpresslyLesleyExpresslyLesley Posts: 3 Newbie
    Just English. I have attempted Spanish, no luck. Tried French and Chinese in college but only speak a broken version of both. I am currently interested in learning Japanese (because I want to teach in Japan and why not). Interestingly, I teach English as a second language and hope my students are more studious than I have been.
  • greenlightgreenlight Posts: 16
    English, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and bit Spanish and German
  • SJ_1100SJ_1100 USAPosts: 3
    Well, since the list isn't even right anymore, I'll say mine:
    • Marathi (my native language)
    • English
    • French
    • Hindi (according to my parents; I'm not confident in my ability in this one)
    I'm also trying to learn Sanskrit, but...yeah.
    ~SJ, a Nerdfighter
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