Creating a disabled super hero for my fictional universe

Long story story, this all started when my dad was in high school and he created this character called Mallardman.

When I was younger I found his old sketch book with that drawing and then together we created his origin story. We also created another character for me... which my dad insisted on calling Ducklingboy and I wanted to be something else so we compromised. He starts out as Ducklingboy when he's Mallardman's side kick but when he get's older he makes a name for himself as Neptune. Sort of like how Robin became Nightwing except without the hate for his former mentor.

Now as an adult I care for a disabled child with Cerebral Palsy. Ideally I'd like to be having this discussion with him to create a new character the same way my dad an I did when I was a kid but because of his disability he can't really talk to me.

Cerebral Palsy is a bit of a misleading name. Mentally he's totally fine, but his muscles are all screwed up so he can't really do anything he wants to, it's like being a prisoner in his own body.

I've had a couple ideas for a super hero based on him and considering how there aren't a lot of super heroes with disabilities it makes me want to base a character on him even more. I've had a couple of different ideas and I'm thinking I'll just do both and then let him pick which one he likes better after they're done.

He normally chooses things by eye contact since he can't communicate verbally. Like we know his favorite color is red cause his eyes tend to be drawn more towards things that have that color. Also he tends to show excitement right away for things with that color rather than just blankly staring at it like he tends to do when given other choices. That being said I'm probably going to end up using that color for the super hero costume.

I've got two ideas who what his super hero should be.

1. Is a mech suit that he can control mentally to help do what his body can't but also gives him enhanced strength and is bullet proof. He's also be a telepath similar to Charles Xavier but that'd be the only way he can actually communicate and he'd be much cooler cause of the whole mech suit rather than being confined to his wheelchair all the time.

2. Is to make his character a mutant with the ability to astroproject himself. It's basically like a spirit leaving the body without actually dying so he can return to his body. The spirit form would have similar powers to another character I've already created who is actually dead except without the ability to possess other people. Plus there'd be a time limit that he can't leave his body for more than 8 hours at a time cause he could actually die if his physical body goes too longs without a soul.

Now the thing I really need help with is I've been thinking about this for ten years now and I still don't know what the super hero name should be.

I'm probably never going to actually do anything with any of my characters at least in terms of story but I at least want to make his character and hang it up in his room some where he can see it. If he could talk I'd just ask him what the character's name should be but since that's out of the question and I'm having the worst time coming up with a name, I thought I'd ask a bunch of strangers on the internet to help me name my disabled super hero.
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  • Tamer_Of_PuffsTamer_Of_Puffs Melbourne, Australia. Posts: 24
    Honestly man, this story tugged at my heartstrings a bit. So, let me donate a character I made up in my little OCD fever dream imagination games.
    His name was Mechanico, and his power was...
    well he used a cat mech suit which he could control with his mind, so thats one.
    My second one is called...
    Im sorry Im so so bad at this. Sorry for my awkwardness and bad, rushed grammar.
    dont pick me if you dont like it, Im just doing it for his happiness!
    I love your idea by the way.
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  • RialVestroRialVestro Posts: 6,381 ✭✭✭
    To be honest either one of those is better than the names I've been coming up with. I didn't really want to say this but in ten years the best name I've been able to come up with is Cerebral Powers. The only part of that name I like is that it could fit with either of my two concepts. The part that's bothering me is trying to take the name of the disability and turn it into the hero's strength instead, some people might misinterpret what I was trying to do and take offense to that name. Something about it just doesn't feel right. This is why I decided to do this instead, get out of my head for a while and get some fresh ideas from a different perspective.

    You came up with two ideas that fit with my two concepts. Maybe other people start posting, maybe someone has a better idea, but that doesn't matter because you did something I couldn't do in far less time. Don't be so hard on yourself, you have some good ideas there. If no one else posts then it's going to end up being one of those two. I like Mechanico a little bit better than the other one but it's going to be up to him in the end.

    Plus the name is going to help me design details of the costume like the Chest symbol. It might just be a letter but you seemed to have a Cat theme going so I guess I could throw that in too. We do actually have a cat that likes to hang out on his bed. I get a little worried the cat might scratch him some times but he never has, instead I end up being surprised how gentle the animals are with him even when he's not so gentle with them. (He's put the cat in a head lock, pulled his ears, and kicked him, not really meaning to he just can't control his muscles too well.) It's weird if the rest of us do anything the cat doesn't like he's not afraid to let us know but with the little one it's almost as if he understands that the little guy can't help himself. So far he's actually been a pretty good therapy kitty. He also seems to go nuts looking for the little one while he's at school which is pretty funny.

    I may just end up incorporating a cat theme into both costumes.
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  • Tamer_Of_PuffsTamer_Of_Puffs Melbourne, Australia. Posts: 24
    Thanks man, I am absolutely terrible at coming up with names.
    I was thinking, Cerebral Powers would be an awesome name for a superhero team, so that is something. I am quite harsh on my self, especially with names, I think I was pressuring myself too much though.

    I like cats, so thats probably what I was going for.
    But in the end, its all up to him.
    Look up at the stars, not down at your feet.
    -Stephen Hawking.
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