Favorite vlogbrothers video?

snowflake1814snowflake1814 Wisconsin, USAPosts: 39
It's exactly what it sounds like, I'm curious what everyone's favorite vlogbrothers videos are!

My favorite has to be
Memento mori


  • AussieChic2000AussieChic2000 HogwartsPosts: 11
    Any reunion videos and Under An Abandoned Hospital (the one with Ransom Riggs)
  • PonyKidPonyKid Posts: 5
    The one where Hank is in Target from opening til closing.
    Or the one where you learn that Hank tried to kill John with a hammer. Which pretty much sums up my relationship with my siblings.
  • AnFaAnFa Hessen, GermanyPosts: 97
    I'm not sure if it is my absolute favorite, there are so many good vlogbrothers videos, but I really like Hank's "What Guys Look for in Girls" video. I often have the feeling that so few people understand how beauty standards work and I really like his explanation.
  • redisbestredisbest MunichPosts: 17
    There are 1600 vlogbrother videos which makes picking a favorite completely impossible but I love Hanks yearly Harry Potter song and any Question Tuesday
    For the record my username is about my favourite kids book, not love for a color; I like blue
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