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  • I'd love to see something on the currently ongoing studies related to psychedelics as a psychopharmaceuticals. Part of my curiosity comes from being a participant in one of these studies, and so I'd be curious to see a bigger picture understanding o…
  • Well, I am surprised with the pace, I would have expected it to be a little faster paced given the large audience in general. I guess forums don't have the draw they did 10 years ago though, or so I'm told. Still trying to figure out how I'll use my…
  • I'm Jessica, a bunch of things, jack of all trades, bachelor of one. My hobbies would include such wonderful things as losing myself in games or anime, flute, cooking, and not dying (does that really count as a hobby? I guess its just a side effect …
  • Ah, didn't see the cog, wasn't aware I had to mouse over to find it. I'm kinda too used to other forums where its a very obvious button.
  • hmm.. can't find an edit or delete button, but I guess that should have been its own thread...
  • I guess I can put my post here that I was going to post as a new thread about my ongoing depression, and throw in health stuff as well... Things go back pretty far, my family split when I was five, and in the five years after that, I realized I'm t…
  • Now that its been point out, I've noticed its noticeable even in the first chapter... Yup, the words may be different, but that's John speaking as a young woman.
  • I'm open to talking, though I tend to be much more shy about things online, strangely enough. I order a used copy (always conflicted on that, it's great to see old books find new readers, but at the same time, I like supporting artists), and I'll t…
  • I have no idea what a mile is, but I'm looking at sprinting speeds, and where they cap out across the population, which should be a normal distribution. Worded better than my initial question, I was struggling for the right words when I posted, I'm…