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@Is evil... EVIL!!!
WTF is that?
I have one...


  • Uncle What's the meaning of this... this... whatever THIS is anyway?
  • I got up to the part where Quentin takes his door off the hinges and the next morning they drive out to the abandoned store. They haven't gone inside yet but just standing outside, the book goes into great detail all the emotions and thoughts Quenti…
  • Granted but now you can ONLY speak Japanese. I wish everything and everyone could all speak, write, read, hear, and understand the same language inherently without having to learn this new hypothetical universal language.
  • I've been thinking about the way you said you pronounced cis. I've only ever heard it as an S. If you did pronounce it with a Z it would sound like siz like sizzle or scissors neither of which sound much better to me. I'm not even really sure what…
  • No Is anyone really yellow... other than characters on the Simpsons or Lego people?
  • Oh another point I didn't think of last night cause I was rushing my responses. You mentioned learning what words mean before taking offense to them. I think it's also important to learn peoples preferences and adjust accordingly cause anything you …
  • Granted but it comes in the form of a pet who shows it by constantly trying to lick your face. I wish I could speak to animals so I could ask why dogs always sniff personal places like butts and my crotch and also so I can teach them how to respect…
  • Bigot How is it even possible for anyone to be worse than Trump?
  • 1. I'm not saying you need to judge it only on the ending either but to judge it as a whole like you said then you need to see it as a whole not just part of it. And I've seen a lot of movies with twist endings. When the twist is good and brings the…
  • OK part 2 1. You make a good point there. I can't really say much else cause you're totally right. 2. I've been told that the term hermaphrodite is also an insult and they prefer to be called intersex. I can't really blame them as the term hermaphr…
  • I might not be able to respond to all of this right now so don't be surprised if this comes to a sudden stop. I'll do as much as I can and come back to the rest later. 1. I've been called a sissy by my own family ever since I started letting my hai…
  • I think you misunderstand me. I'm not saying you need to watch the whole thing, I'm saying you need to watch the whole thing before you judge it. there's a difference. You can't really judge something that you haven't actually seen. You don't have …
  • Trump Why has he not been impeached yet?
  • Would just like to point out that I hate the term Cis Gender. Even though it's spelled differently spoken it sounds the same as sis which can be short for sister or sissy. It sounds like an insult and we didn't come up with it, the LGBT community di…
  • I still think it was a poor attempt to be like Star Trek. They shouldn't be trying to be Star Trek, that's what Discovery is for. It should just be a parody like Space Balls to Star Wars. I think the real Star Trek series could of handled the plot …
  • Bob Did you know Kate is short for Bob?
  • You need to finish it. You might still hate it but you gotta see how it ends before you judge.
  • Just an update, I've got threw the eleven things that Margo and Quinn spend the night doing together. I don't think they ever actually did eleven things in the movie. Most of it was there but that night was kinda cut a little short. On the plus sid…
  • Granted but you go blind the moment you try to read it and it's not avalible in braille. I wish that I had $4,223,118.19 in US currency that is not fake or stolen.
  • Holes Review the last book you finished in one word.
  • The little one was petting my book earlier today. I wasn't sure why at first but then after inspecting the cover I realized where the thumb tack is, it's smooth but everything else feels rough like a news paper almost. I didn't even realize that til…
  • @RialVestro I hope you enjoy the book, the ending John wrote is far better in my opinion. I read all of John's books before I even found out he had a YouTube channel. The first one I read was The Fault In Our Stars which was recommended by a friend…
  • Piper? That's my answer and my question... I think his name was actually suppose to be Peter Piper but I'm not sure.
  • Lettuces? If Peter picked a pack of pickled peppers how many pickled peppers did Peter pick?
  • Nothing Actually I get mildly annoyed for about half a second then laugh it off cause there are worse things that could happen, and then I don't care anymore. What's your opinion on the peanut gallery and their opinions?
  • Not Did you answer a question from the wrong page?
  • SCIENCE! Why is the sky black?
  • Fourty-two Do hyphenated words count as one or two?
  • I've seen men wear tight shirts too. Mostly guys who are actually in shape and want to show off their muscles. Overweight guys like myself generally like loose fitting shirts cause at least in my case where I'm not that fat loose fitting shirts tend…
  • So it appears some people have changed from the female way to the male way depending on hair length. But it seems like most of the replies in here have been uneffected by it... I am... still confused.