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@Is evil... EVIL!!!
WTF is that?
I have one...


  • No Star Trek is the TV show that they were in. Also now I know why you have knowledge of the future and are able to communicate with us from the past. You must have stolen some technology from the second Doctor.
  • Because they're jerks.
  • I personally think that the problem isn't how health care gets paid for. In any system where doctors make money off sick people we're going to get screwed. The problem is that doctors don't really care about helping patients they care about gettin…
  • It happens more often than you think. Especially if you have something rare that few people have ever seen before and don't show any obvious symptoms. Like people don't believe you can be in any serious pain if they can't see any sign of injury. Som…
  • "I'm a junior in high school and I haven't had my first kiss yet even though I had a boyfriend for about a year and a half. I feel really uncomfortable because everyone around me seems to be on board with modern hookup culture but I just don't seem …
  • That is the real problem. Like I said the issue is far more complicated than just people loseing jobs. Over simplifying it like that makes it sound like if a job gets phased out that it happens all at once and the people in those jobs can never work…
  • 1. You seem to have a very narrow view on this. Automated check out means less cashiers end of discussion a far as your concerned. However there's more to it than that. Sure there is going to be less cashiers but that doesn't mean they lose jobs it …
  • Cats hate me... two dogs. Would you rather sniff a bunny or sing with a panda?
  • A little kid wakes up screaming on Christmas eve because he had a nightmare. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Phone because I don't have one anyway. Should you rather change a dirty diaper or wear diapers.
  • What's your favorite Shakespeare quote. Smell the bunny, it smells like chocolate.
  • Clothed Would you rather be covered in bunny fur or actually be a bunny?
  • What do you get when you combine your favorite Muppet with your favorite president of the united states? Smushy face smushy face smushy face.
  • That depends. If I have to repeat the same events exactly as they happened originally then I'd rather live in isolation. If I still have future knowledge and can act to change things then relive middle school... though technically my elementary scho…
  • Luke, two things. 1. Automation doesn't actually remove jobs. We still have cashiers despite the existence of self check out. Plus they need people to maintain those machines as half the time even in self check out people still need customer assist…
  • It's just like in school where they teach you nothing and pretend it doesn't exist. Star Wars
  • I thought I should point out people assume things about the rich too. Most commonly the assumption that they can't have any problems because they have money but money isn't the solution to every problem. Their problems are different from the poor bu…
  • The first would probably make me sick and it's only a month without. So the month without ice cream. Would you rather be rich and no one can remember who you are or be famous but never be able able to in any way possess any form of currency.
  • Accepted A million dollars but every time you buy something with the money the person who takes it will be fired from their job by the end of that week.
  • In regards to money... I wouldn't really consider my family rich... Jeff Foxworthy made a joke that if you had to help your richest relative that the wheels off their mobile home, you might be a red neck... well that makes my parents the richest rel…
  • It could be possible to survive a year in a country where you don't know the language with only a million dollars to your name. That is a lot of money to work with. But solitary can screw with your head which is probably not a good idea for someone …
  • Well it's going to be kind of hard to survive a year if I can't work due to not being able to talk to anyone. Sure I got a million dollars but stuff is expensive and eventually that money is going to run out. That doesn't sound like a good deal.
  • Well the answer to my question doesn't really matter now since you already accepted that deal but I'm still curious what the answer was. Anyway in regards to the new deal, can I choose which foreign country? Preferably I would like to go to England…
  • Just to be clear I agree that Merovius did make a valid point. All I'm trying to say is that actually explaining your point of view, why you feel I might be more privileged than you are, makes for a much better discussion than simply telling me "Che…
  • @Merovius I read your entire post and one thing I don't understand. To me when someone says "check your privilege" all they're doing is saying is saying your problems don't exist or don't matter, you are inherently more privileged in every aspect of…
  • Can I control what the people I hate spend their 50% on or can they buy whatever they want with it?
  • ^ Yes, all of it... I'd rather not go into details... Basically it's why I'm in so much pain as an adult. > I'm turning 31 in four days... v Can I turn 29 again instead and continue to go backwards until all the physical damage has been reversed …
  • Tacos are better in my opinion. Would you rather be assimilated by the Borg or Upgraded by the Cybermen?
  • Not all Superhero shows fit into Sci-Fi. I mean superhero has sort of become it's own genre. However Legends of Tomorrow, because it deals with a time traveling ship full of technology from the distant future, is most certainly in the Sci-Fi categor…
  • I would say definitely watch Paper Towns. One - it's a great story (because John's a good writer) and two - Cara Delevingne is a great actress. I don't think it'll leave you crying though. It has a different tone entirely than TFioS. Read the po…