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Hessen, Germany
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Hessen, Germany
  • Re: colors

    I don't really have a favorite colour. I like most colurs. Maybe I like blue a bit more than other colours... Mostly dark blue, and not a shade that has some purple in it.

    I don't like pink. When I was about 6, pink was my absolutely favorite colour, I wanted to only wear pink all day every day, but now I'm sick of it. I think there was a time where I downright hated it, but nowadays I just feel repulsed by it. I think it reminds me of primary school, where I was bullied and didn't have any friends. Every friend I thought I had during that time was actually talking bad about me behind my back and never really acted like an actual friend otherwise. Also it reminds me of gender stereotypes, which I hate. That doesn't make me hate blue though, probably because blue is not as much of a "boy colour" as pink is a "girl colour". Wearing blue is considered a normal thing for everyone while boys, especially when younger, are often made fun of for wearing pink. Also I wasn't personally socially pressured into loving blue when I was little. That might also have a lot to do with it. I don't really like purple either, probably for similar reasons, but purple is not as bad as pink.
  • Re: Teenage Nerdfighters Unite (Our Pants edition)

    @Bohemamine Hey :)
    Thanks, I'm fine. How about you?

    @MontannaPeach That looks cool!

    I just finished school, I've applied to university, I read a lot, I've started writing a, let's say, novel-ish thing, though I don't know what that will or will not become someday and I try to improve my French by engaging in stuff in that language. Also I've started to watch CrashCourse Computer Science and I try learning a bit more about physics and stuff. :)
  • Re: Teenage Nerdfighters Unite (Our Pants edition)

    I l was scrolling through the "effyeahnerdfighters" page on tumblr and someone asked about ways to get to know other nerdfighters in their area and among other things, this forum was mentioned. So I thought I might check it out. :)
  • Re: Teenage Nerdfighters Unite (Our Pants edition)

    Hi, I'm a 19 year old German and new in this forum. DFTBA!