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  • Re: Where Have All the Nerdfighters Gone?

    I'm sure it's been said before, but it really depends on how you define "dead"

    Talking from my own perspective (forgetting I'm a mod here), I'd see it as dead (in comparison to other Nerdfighter forums). This is the 3rd iteration of the Pants forums. The first one, My Pants, was supposedly quite active. i say supposedly because I was never a member of it. Then along came Your Pants, which I loved. It was incredibly active, was promoted often and I made some of my best friends online there (some of whom I've since met and hung out with in person, and it was awesome). unfortunately it was hacked, replaced with another Your pants which never took off...and then was replaced with Our Pants, which similarly didn't take off to the same extent...which I know because I've been here since the start.

    So maybe it's not dead. It just never lived as full a life as Our Pants did..and there are a few reasons for that. The first is that the Nerdfighter community has changed a lot since the days of Your Pants (and My Pants). Back in 2012 (for Your pants), the community was still mostly fans of the videos, who went to the occasional gathering and who were interested in being active members of the community, without recognition from John and Hank.

    I know this is going to seem like I'm making a "real nerdfighters" and "fake nerdfighters" comparison, but I'm not. I'm just pointing out the changing society. Nowadays, the Vlogbrothers have blown up to bigger proportions than ever. VidCon is becoming bigger by the year, John's books are becoming internationally recognised and made into profitable movies. Along with this comes a different type of person, one who is interested in Nerdfighteria as a fandom, not only as a community in its own right. While there were always these people, they've grown in number I feel...and those who were interested in the community aspect have moved to other areas. Some are active in Facebook groups, some are active on Tumblr and other social media, some have simply left the community...and others moderate these forums whenever they can :p

    I think it's great that you're discussing this. It shows an interest in the community itself. And I agree that the Greens should promote this place more, but they shouldn't have to always do it. As a community, we shouldn't need Hank and John. We should be happy to gain the attention of our peers and meet new people, not treat it as a fandom. I'm sure you all agree with me.

    A forum thrives when its members stay on the forum because they care. And they care because of the people on the site. Sure, bringing people in is important, and keeping them there with a pleasant user environment is great..but ultimately the human side brings a forum to life...and that's what we've been missing on Our Pants, at least in any great amounts.

    Now as a mod I'm going to apologise for not being active in here sooner, or being more active. You guys rock and its great to see people talking in here. If you need anything, or you think I said anything wrong in my little spiel above let me know. I'm just a user of these forums like you guys so you can agree or disagree as you wish. That's how a community works :)
  • A Note on the Use of This Sub-Forum

    Hey everyone, 
    We at Our Pants are very relaxed about things. We have a great community and so we don't need to crack down on things, so I want you all to understand that this isn't a demand, and more of a request.

    Rules and Support isn't for every little issue you're having in your life. Here we usually deal with problems relating to the Our Pants website itself and it makes it easier for everyone if that's all it's used for. Have trouble with sending messages? Post it in this forum. Want to know more about points or badges? Yep, that's cool. Trying to teach your hamster to backflip? That should probably go somewhere else.

    If you've had a thread moved from here that's usually the reason. It's not a punishment, and we very rarely take note of your usernames..we all make mistakes right?

    On your end, however, this usually exposes you to more answers. R&S isn't visited often so it's hard to get a good discussion going. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you all, but please do keep your hamster gymnastics out of Rules and Support :)

  • Mod Update: Hello (particularly to new users) and Welcome!

    Hey everyone. Welcome to the Our Pants forums, I hope you enjoy your stay. Since Hank posted the pumpkin contest we've had a lot of new users, which is fantastic! 

    I'm Luke and I'm one of the moderators here. The others are @gnaist and @leonwingstein. To older members you may or may not have known that, and to new members it's always helpful to know who you can talk to with issues on the forums. 

    If you have any concerns or troubles during your time on here, we'd welcome your message. We want you to enjoy the forums as much as we do and will do what we can to help you out!

    If you have a more general question you can post it in this forum and you can publicly discuss it with other users and moderators. Otherwise you can private message us at any time. Isn't that great?
    ~Luke (on behalf of the currently active mods)

    I think this is a full list of mods and admins (including inactive ones, but not including the above 3). I've not @ mentioned them because they're either not active or probably have more important things to do: