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If you want to help make a Zine for nerds, contact me! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this website: . Writers, artists, editors, and any other kind of contributors are welcome!


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  • Re: The Last One to Post Here Wins

    I missed Esther Day on here, but I still want to tell you guys I love you. This was one of the first groups of Nerdfighters I ever talked to, so you guys mean a lot to me. Add that to the fact that you're all awesome people, and what's there not to love?
  • Re: Count to 100 before a Mod/Admin posts. [56K WARNING]


    WE DID IT!!!!!!!! Good job, all! :grin:
    by MontannaPeach
  • Re: The Last One to Post Here Wins

    Yeah, it was definitely led up to. It's been made clear multiple times in the past that the Doctor could change into a woman, and characters have been making comments related to it more and more recently. I like the way Georgia Moffett played her character in "The Doctor's Daughter" and I was thinking that if Jodie Whittaker did something similar to that, it would make a lot of people happy. Basically, the new Doctor better do a lot of running, or I'll be disappointed. XD Every time a new Doctor is announced, people are concerned about if they'll stay true to who The Doctor is. We've gotten some really great ones recently, and everyone's afraid of their favorite show being ruined. So when the new Doctor is even a little bit different from the last one, everyone freaks. Even more so when it's a completely different gender. I'm sure it'll be fine, though. It always is in the end.

    Sorry for being so long-winded. XD
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    My summer is sweltering! I'm in Florida, so it's very uncomfortable at the moment. I'm taking three summer classes right now, which is intense, but also a lot of fun. I'm particularly enjoying my public speaking course. The professor is awesome.

    I'm not really surprised it's a female. They've been preparing the fanbase for it for a while with Matt Smith's Doctor thinking he was a girl right after his regeneration and then the Master becoming a woman. I've seen the actress before, and she is good. The role I saw her in wouldn't be fitting for the Doctor, though, so hopefully she can do more than that. I'm honestly pretty worried. Of course, I'm always worried when a new Doctor comes in. I don't like all the people saying "Finally! I can watch Doctor Who again" though. Like, just because it's a woman doesn't mean it's going to be good. Wait to see how she does first. And I think it takes away from Peter Capaldi's time there. I thought he was really good, and I don't think it's fair for people to ignore what he brought to the show.
  • Re: The Last One to Post Here Wins

    @Vicki That's hilarious. Have you seen the SNL opening Chris Pine did about that a few weeks back?

    Thanks! Yes, I did! It took a little over four hours on Adobe Illustrator. I'd never drawn a woman, anything below the waist, or even hands before, so it had its challenges. XD But it was so much fun.