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Hello Nerdfighters everywhere, my name is Eric and I am here to join the community! I can't wait to meet all of you and help decrease world suck and talk about all the cool things happening in the world right now along the way.


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  • Re: Breaking Silence

    I'm kinda new to nerdfighteria-in fact this is my first ever post- but I would like to go on the record and state that I am a huge fan of How To Adult. I understand how its helpfulness could be some what limited to someone who does not live in America, but as a 17 year old American I have found it extremely useful. My parents are extremely lacking when it comes to a lot of topics such as how to set up a bank acount, or how to get financial aid for college-which as you can imagine is extremely important for someone of my age group- so the fact that this website exists is insanly helpful. But furthermore I think that it represents a unpresidented opportunity to further educating people around the world, in school we are taught about Greek literature (which I am a huge fan of btw), world history (by far my favorite class in high school), and how to do complex forms of math (i am truly horrible at math), but for the most part we are not taught how to complete activities that are important to day to day adult life. What Is the point of knowing enough to be successful if you don't know how to do things such as pay taxes and do your laundry?

    To be clear I am not trying to take anything away from the values that so many of is nerdfighters hold dear. I love nothing more than the pursuit of knowledge and extermination of world suck, but there are in fact basic skills that every person needs and I personally belive that How To Adult is a valuble tool for young- and even full grown- adults to use to improve their quality of life and understanding of the world around them.

    My apology if this post seems like a mindless rant with no clear message, I was just trying to get my thoughts about the matter all out. Also sorry for any mistakes I made spelling and grammar wise, I am far from perfect.

    Have a good day, and dftba!