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  • Re: Anonymous Confessions

    "@Gara_the_engineer when I am having troubles I often post in Anonymous Confessions, and just about every time either you or @RialVestro has responded. You two have helped me through some of the most confusing times I have had in the last couple years, without even knowing who I was. People like you guys are the greatest, you both have fought to decrease the worldsuck in my life and I can't thank you enough for that."
    I have conflicting opinions about this with myself...

    On one hand I don't feel like I need recognition for helping people. I think that's just something people should do anyway not just to make themselves look good. In this way I don't feel like you even needed to write this.

    On the other hand I often feel like what I do doesn't really make a difference or if it did, like I messed up and only made things worse instead of better. I don't really feel like my life means anything if I don't leave this world a better place than when I came into it. In this way it's actually kind of nice to know I did make a difference for the better.

    So thanks for that.
  • Re: Put pants in stuff!

    "If you build it, pants will come."

    "Every time a bell rings, an angel get his pants."

    "If you don't get on those pants, you're regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you're regret not getting on those pants."

    "Are pants talking to me? Are PANTS talking to ME? There ain't nobody else here so pants must be talking to me."

    "Ask yourself, do you feel lucky pants? Well do ya?"

    "Say hello to my little pants!"

    "First rule of pants club, never talk about pants club."
  • Re: Collections

    First... lets stick to actual physical things that you enjoy collecting not things like habits and illnesses.

    Second, stealing is some times a bit subjective. Often times you might walk into a toy store and find there's only one of a certain toy left and if you buy it that means some little kid won't be able to get it. Or perhaps you're literally in the store taking the toy right in front of the kid who you know wants it. Though maybe their parents can't afford it anyway in which case it's not really so bad. It's kind of a grey area... as long as it's still in the store and you intend to pay for it, it's not technically stealing yet. Legally you're in the clear but it's still kind of messed up.

    However if it's not a still in the store type thing, and it already belongs to the child then there's no grey area about it, that's definitely stealing. In which case "WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU!?"
  • Re: Put pants in stuff!

    Pants' Guide to the Galaxy

    Hitchhiker's Pants to the Galaxy

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Pants

    The Pants at the End of the Universe

    The Restaurant at the Pants of the Universe

    The Restaurant at the End of the Pants

    Pants, the Universe, and Everything

    Life, the Pants, and Everything

    Life, the Universe, and Pants

    So Long, and Pants for all the Fish

    So Long, and Thanks for all the Pants

    Pants Harmless

    Mostly Pants

    ... And Another Pants!

    If you can't tell I couldn't make up my mind where the pants should go.
  • Birth Certificate Change

    I just heard the other day that they want to or are changing birth certificates so they no longer show the name of the mother and father on them but instead only say Parent 1 and Parent 2. This is being done because of gay rights but I have some issues with this new system.

    First off, a birth certificate is meant to show the names of a child's BIOLOGICAL parents. This isn't to say that a gay couple can't still adopt but adoption papers are not the same thing as a birth certificate. I would be more open to the idea of this being changed on adoption forms which also typically say mother and father on them but putting the name(s) of a parent or parents on a birth certificate who had nothing to do with the actual birth is basically giving false information.

    They're actually trying to claim with this that a child has no right to know who their biological parents are. I'm fine with giving rights to gay couples but not at the expense of others. They're giving rights to gay couples and taking rights from children that they use to have access to. There are several reasons why a child should know who their biological parents are. Medical reasons, such as allergies, disorders, or illnesses that might run in the family. How can you have a family medical history for a person who doesn't even know their own biological history? They might have a medical need for a direct blood relative. There's also the fact that they could have siblings or cousins without even knowing it. There have already been cases where family members have gotten married and had kids before learning that they were brother and sister. It's rare now but imagine how often this would happen when no one knows who their biological family is. Birth defects are more common in children born out of incest so again there is a direct need to know who your biological family is.

    Many adopted children want to find their biological parents for many different reasons. Some times they just want to know why the biological parent gave them up. They may even want a relationship with them. But most of the time it's just for medical reasons. And every child should continue to have access to that information.

    The only reason adoptive parents don't want their children to know they're adopted is that they're afraid their children won't see them as their parents anymore but that almost never happens. Even after they find out the people who raised them are always seen as their parents. Blood has nothing to do with who can and did take of a person as they grew up so this irrational fear of loosing your kids to some strangers who just happen to be the biological family needs to stop. Personally for me if I were adopted, it wouldn't change how I feel about my adopted parents. In fact for a lot of my life I didn't know my grandpa had no blood relation to me. He's my mom's step dad, her biological father died when I was a baby and I have no memory of him. It doesn't matter to me that he's not a biological relative, he will always be my grandpa. My dad's brother passed away a few years ago, technically his wife was only my aunt threw marriage and since my uncle died, she is no longer legally a member of my family but in my mind his passing does not change the fact that she is my aunt. I also have an aunt, mom's sister, who got divorced. Her husband was my uncle for so many years it doesn't matter to me, I still identify him as my uncle despite the fact that he no longer has any legal or biological connection to my family.

    In the case of my now widowed aunt, she is still the mother of two of my cousins who are blood relatives so in that since she is still part of this family sort of I guess... I don't really know for sure how that works and I don't care. In the case of my divorced aunt and uncle, I do have a cousin from that aunt however that uncle is also not his biological father. He has no biological ties to my family what so ever. I'm not sure how long they were married but it was at least 18 years before they finally got divorced. I can't really spend that many years thinking of a person as my uncle and suddenly stop just because they get divorced.

    If I feel that strong of a connection to someone I don't even see that often, I can't imagine ever telling a parent that they aren't my parents anymore... maybe just because I was mad at them for not telling me about my biological parents but I wouldn't really mean it. I'd never really stop calling them my parents because they were actually there for me during all the times when my other parents weren't around. It's kind of a force of habit too. I also still refer to my teachers the same way I did in school despite the fact I graduated in 2004. Technically they're not my teachers anymore but I don't know any other way to ever refer my relationship with them. That's never going to change.

    Another thing that never changes... biological parents... Even if you want nothing to do with them they are still your parents. That does not mean you think any less of the parents who actually raised you. So seriously, if you have an adopted kid or a step child, don't withhold that kind of information from them. They have the right to know and they won't think any less of you if you tell them.

    Moving onto my other issue with this change... why Parent 1 and Parent 2? Doesn't that kind of give this false impression that parent 1 is more important than Parent 2? Also what about single parents or kids who have more than two parents. I mean if they're putting adopted parents on the Birth Certificate now then I guess you should be able to put step parents on there too. Your biological parents get divorced and re-married then there would be a parent 3 and a parent 4 on the Birth Certificate as well despite the fact they weren't there for the Birth but then again neither were the adopted parents.

    Birth Certificates should be left to only include the names of the biological parents. Adoption papers however I'm totally OK with changing but instead of this parent 1 and parent 2 nonsense, there should just be one line that reads "Legal Parent(s)" I actually believe that they are already referred to as Legal Guardians. They're not really referred to as parents legally unless they're biological so if you want to change the word guardian to parent, I'm totally fine with that. I just don't like the idea that there can only be two parents and they have to have some sort of rank.

    Going back to the number thing because I don't think I made my position on that quite clear. Lets say there is a mother and a father... Would Dad be parent 1 or would Mom be parent 1? Does parent 1 get more rights than parent 2 in the event they ever get divorced? If the kid knows about the numbering... and this already happens even without the numbering but it would only make the problem worse... kid asks mom for something, she says no, so kid goes behind mom's back and asks dad for the same thing and he says yes. Now with this parent 1 and parent 2 thing, if the kid knows about it they're going to think it doesn't matter what parent 2 says if parent 1 doesn't agree then the kid doesn't have to do what parent 2 tells them. That whole numbering system is just ultimately flawed because both parents should be equals. Every parent is parent 1 even if you have four parents, they're all parent 1.