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@Is evil... EVIL!!!
WTF is that?
I have one...
  • Re: One word answer!


    That's not really a word but unless your favorite Star Trek is Original, Voyager, or Enterprise it's impossible to answer in one word.

    Favorite Transformers series.
  • Re: Anonymous Confessions

    "@Gara_the_engineer when I am having troubles I often post in Anonymous Confessions, and just about every time either you or @RialVestro has responded. You two have helped me through some of the most confusing times I have had in the last couple years, without even knowing who I was. People like you guys are the greatest, you both have fought to decrease the worldsuck in my life and I can't thank you enough for that."
    I have conflicting opinions about this with myself...

    On one hand I don't feel like I need recognition for helping people. I think that's just something people should do anyway not just to make themselves look good. In this way I don't feel like you even needed to write this.

    On the other hand I often feel like what I do doesn't really make a difference or if it did, like I messed up and only made things worse instead of better. I don't really feel like my life means anything if I don't leave this world a better place than when I came into it. In this way it's actually kind of nice to know I did make a difference for the better.

    So thanks for that.
  • Re: Put pants in stuff!

    "If you build it, pants will come."

    "Every time a bell rings, an angel get his pants."

    "If you don't get on those pants, you're regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you're regret not getting on those pants."

    "Are pants talking to me? Are PANTS talking to ME? There ain't nobody else here so pants must be talking to me."

    "Ask yourself, do you feel lucky pants? Well do ya?"

    "Say hello to my little pants!"

    "First rule of pants club, never talk about pants club."
  • Re: Collections

    First... lets stick to actual physical things that you enjoy collecting not things like habits and illnesses.

    Second, stealing is some times a bit subjective. Often times you might walk into a toy store and find there's only one of a certain toy left and if you buy it that means some little kid won't be able to get it. Or perhaps you're literally in the store taking the toy right in front of the kid who you know wants it. Though maybe their parents can't afford it anyway in which case it's not really so bad. It's kind of a grey area... as long as it's still in the store and you intend to pay for it, it's not technically stealing yet. Legally you're in the clear but it's still kind of messed up.

    However if it's not a still in the store type thing, and it already belongs to the child then there's no grey area about it, that's definitely stealing. In which case "WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU!?"
  • Re: Put pants in stuff!

    Pants' Guide to the Galaxy

    Hitchhiker's Pants to the Galaxy

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Pants

    The Pants at the End of the Universe

    The Restaurant at the Pants of the Universe

    The Restaurant at the End of the Pants

    Pants, the Universe, and Everything

    Life, the Pants, and Everything

    Life, the Universe, and Pants

    So Long, and Pants for all the Fish

    So Long, and Thanks for all the Pants

    Pants Harmless

    Mostly Pants

    ... And Another Pants!

    If you can't tell I couldn't make up my mind where the pants should go.