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@Is evil... EVIL!!!
WTF is that?
I have one...
  • Re: Stuffed animal names

    Optimus Primal

  • Re: First John Green book!

    Haven't updated in a while but I'm nearly done with the book. I've gotten threw most of the travel section.

    This book is a little oddly written in that there aren't really chapters per say. It's split into three parts. The first two parts have numbers like chapters but in part two it goes back to starting from one rather than continuing to count up. In part three it goes by hours.

    That being said I have three book hours left till I finish though two will probably not even take that long to read and the last hour might take longer to read than an hour. It seems to be pretty long. At any rate I think I might finish this tomorrow... or at least two out three and save the last hour for the next day while the little one is at school. That section is long enough I don't really want to attempt reading it unless I know I have some free time.
  • Re: Who actually was the Worst President of the United States? (Let's rank them)

    That is the real problem. Like I said the issue is far more complicated than just people loseing jobs. Over simplifying it like that makes it sound like if a job gets phased out that it happens all at once and the people in those jobs can never work again which is not a real thing that could ever happen.

    Many of the "cashiers" in my local stores still work for the same stores just in different positions. No one is just a cashier, they're trained to pretty much run any department in the store so if self check out ever does phase out the cashier position completely they still have jobs. Plus Wall Mart recently expanded the store here which is creating more jobs that weren't needed five years ago...

    And because Trump likes to take credit for things he had nothing to do with I just wanted to clarify that plans for this expansion has been in the works for the last five years. The community signed a petition saying we wanted this expansion and then wall mart had to get the building permits. And construction started last year so Trump can't take credit for any of this.
  • Re: Who actually was the Worst President of the United States? (Let's rank them)

    Trump is easily the worst. With most politicians you don't know if they're lying until they actually get elected and start to see that the things they said they would do don't get done. They get elected because they promise to do things people actually want but then they don't make good on those promises.

    With Trump, he's a terrible liar because he tells us his real plans then back peddles with a lie that we know is a lie because it contradicts a previous statement, and some how people are falling for it. For the first time in history we have someone who we can clearly see is a liar because he's not even a good liar and we could of avoided him but instead he was elected with the full knowledge of his racist, sexist, bigoted, criminal background. There's no way we can possibly do worse than this.

    It's one thing to elect someone we think is good and then after the fact discover that we elected the wrong person but to elect someone who's so blatantly lying that you can fact check him as he's talking, that's never happened before.

    I just saw him on TV a few days ago and he said something about this being the greatest electoral win since Regan which is wrong. Someone corrected him and asked where he got that information and then he gave TWO different answers. "I was given that information." and "I read it some where." Which is it? Either someone on your staff gave you the wrong information or you read is some where and can't remember. He obviously just backpedaled his original answer so as not to incriminate his own staff who gave him the wrong information. And this happens all the time in his speeches. He said that all Mexicans were criminals then backpedaled on that claim trying to cover it up with "some of them are probably good people" you can't say some of them are probably good right after you've already made a claim that all of them are criminals.

    He said he's going to make Mexico pay for the wall. That's freaking impossible and if you just look at history you can see that the wall is a terrible idea that is going to waste tax payers money. In order for the U.S. to build Trump's wall our taxes have to be increased because we're the ones who are going to pay for it. We can't make anyone else pay for it, if we want a wall we have to pay for it. But why would we want a wall? Have we learned nothing from history. China built the great wall to keep out the Mongols and they still got in. The wall did absolutely nothing but waste time, money, and resources for the Chinese government. Sure years later it became a tourist attraction and they were able to make back their money over time but this is going to make our economy worse and it'll take years to build and then recover from. Your grand kids will have grand kids before we can even start to recover from the damage that Trump is doing to our country.
  • Re: Rants, rants, and more rants!

    @TheWeepingDalek @RialVestro I think the reason might simply be that there are many who are impatient and feel that they can't wait until Christmas. Kids tend to feel like this, but also some adults. You know how you were repeatedly asking your parents how long time it was until Christmas (same with birthday and all kinds of fun holidays) and tell them you wanted it to be now and so on, starting somewhen in October or November? And your parents were all just like "you'll have to wait" without caring about your impatient childish wishes. What a torture! But nowadays, in a time of instant gratification to be found almost everywhere, people don't any longer accept having to wait, and would definitely not choose to wait if they have the option not to... We cannot accept waiting, impatience rules society. And since a lot of people still are impatient for Christmas to come also when they've grown up and have the power of money... shops just use that to make profit. It works, so they have no reason not to do so.
    That makes no sense. Putting the stuff out sooner doesn't make the day come any quicker. If anything you're waiting longer that way. The problem is kids have no concept of time. It hasn't been taught to them yet. So to a kid the moment you first see Christmas decorations appear in stores you know it's soon. But now with that happening in October before we even have Halloween it's throwing kids off even more so instead of every day in December asking "is it Christmas yet?" they're asking that question every day for two months.

    I think the real reason the stores do it is because of supply and demand. See back in the old days there was a limited number of days to shop for Christmas and an over stock of supplies. People were always in a rush to get their Christmas shopping done, the stores are always more crowded during this time of year. Christmas shopping is a nightmare. And that over stock would start going on sale the day after Christmas because the stores need to get rid of it. The problem is stores loose money on this deal because they're selling things so cheap at this point that they aren't making any money. To solve that problem rather than ordering less stuff, they get the Christmas products in earlier that way consumers have more time to shop and can take their time rather than the usual Christmas rush and stores can actually clear the merchandise before Christmas. No more after Christmas over stock.

    Of course you see the problem here is that the Christmas rush and the over stock are still a thing. Why is this still happening? Putting the stuff out earlier should of solved the problem. Well maybe we didn't make it early enough, lets do it even earlier next year and see how that works out. And this is the logic that got us into this situation.

    The reason no one does their shopping earlier despite the stuff being available earlier which stores don't seem to account for is because of the Christmas bonus. A lot of employers give out a slightly larger pay check around Christmas time which only makes sense as people are spending more money than usual around that time of year. Even though Christmas supplies are being sold earlier, Christmas bonuses are still given out at the beginning of December. No one's buying anything because they're waiting for that bonus and thus the Christmas rush still happen at the same time every year no matter how early stores put out their products.

    The stores plan might actually work if the Christmas bonus was given out in November. Then people could start their Christmas shopping early instead of having to wait. They could actually get everything they need because they're taking their time shopping rather than rushing and fighting threw larger holiday crowds. And stores might actually be successful at clearing their shelves before Christmas so they don't lose money on after Christmas sales. Though they might still need to just order less stuff. People don't really need a new fake tree every year. That's one of the great things about owning a fake tree is that you save money not having to buy a new one. So why do stores carry so many? Not only can you save money by getting a fake tree, but if you get a real one just once, wait till after Christmas to get a fake one you can get your tree for dirt cheap. Real trees are cheaper in the short term but get expensive when you have to pay for a new one every year. Fake trees are more expensive, unless you wait for a sale, but even if you don't get it on sale it pays off in the long run. My family had the same tree for about 20 years. I don't know why stores carry so many when not that many people buy them. Most people either prefer the real thing or already own one. There's really a small market for people either looking to buy their first fake or looking to replace an old fake because of damaged or missing parts.

    Another way to get past the over stock problem. Instead of trying to guess how many people might want to buy things like fake trees, have people special order them. If you don't get any orders from customers then you don't need to have any in stock and thus you'll never have an over stock problem. Especially with everything being online now days you can have a system where customers order what they want rather than stores ordering what they think they can sell.