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  • Re: Who actually was the Worst President of the United States? (Let's rank them)

    Luke, two things.

    1. Automation doesn't actually remove jobs. We still have cashiers despite the existence of self check out. Plus they need people to maintain those machines as half the time even in self check out people still need customer assistance when they don't work properly. It just makes existing jobs easier not completely replacing them.
    At my local supermarket, there are 16 cashier posts. Ten years ago on a Thursday night, all 16 would be operated by people. Now, there are usually only 3 open, plus the self-serve machines.
    Automation does remove jobs, that's the point. Machines are cheaper to employ, they don't take holidays, they can be running 24 hours a day. If businesses can find a way to reduce input costs they will and labour is an input cost.

  • Re: A point to make about privilege....

    There are times I've heard people say that even in conversations that have nothing to do with race or gender. I'm a straight white man so it seems to be this stereotype now that straight white men are just automatically more privileged that everyone else.
    I'm a straight white male aged between 20-45. I am the cause of most domestic violence, most crimes of turpitude such as rape, most robberies and assault and I command a higher wage than everyone else in my age group but not because of reasons of qualification or skill.

    I command fear in people despite them knowing nothing about me personally.
  • Re: How do you deal with the idea that you might cease existing?

    What do you mean mightcease existing? The death rate in my country has been hanging around 100% of all people who have been born now, for ages.
  • Re: The Last One to Post Here Wins




    I accidentally read this as "the last one to pope here wins". Aw well.
  • Re: Which role would you prefer government plays in our social organization?

    Which words do you identify as newspeak and waffle? Could you be more specific in your request? I selected these explanations because they clearly differentiate how each approach to governance is different without politicized vocabulary.
    "They clearly differentiate" do they?

    Such as:

    "disseminate incentivized threshold programs"


    "facilitate sustainable and enterprising constructs"

    The interlocutor which I now describe by means of the perpendicular pronoun, has carefully weighed the ontoglogical merits of these propositions and has come to the conclusion that they must have been written by none other than Sir Humphrey Appleby.

    You couldn't have made your choices more obfuscatory, even if you painted them in grey on the side of a grey weasel and then let it loose in a nightclub where the smoke machines had been let off.

    by Rollo