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  • Re: A Different Kind of Critique Group

    essess said:
    Is there anyway for the author's to protect their book idea from being stolen by any unsavory characters who have joined the group? (A poor man's publication would do the trick, but can only work after damage has been done and with a lot of leg work.)

    In art school one of the things they try to impress over and over again is that no one wants to steal your idea. And even if the wanted to, no one can do the thing the way you can. 

    It's one thing if you just don't trust the people you might be in a crit group. That's a fair position, and a lot of writers (and other creative folk) are very selective in who they share early versions of their work with, for a variety of reasons.

    Honestly, the thing you have to worry about most isn't that people will want to steal your idea, but that once it's finished and published no one will read it and no one will care. THAT is what you should be worried about.

  • Unnecessary Tackle-Cast: A new podcast about the Wimbly Womblys

    So I wasn't sure whether I should post this because I try to avoid doing shameless plugs, but I figured some people might be interested. (Mods, if this isn't appropriate, I'm really sorry, and I'll totally understand if you need to delete this.)

    Anywho, I'm collaborating on a podcast called Unnecessary Tackle-Cast. We talk about the Wimbly Womblys and the real-world AFC Wimbledon. We're hosted on Soundcloud, but you can also find us on iTunes and Feedburner.
  • Re: Let's talk about fanfiction.

    I didn't want to jump in at first because I was afraid that the comment I wanted to make would come off as self-promotion. Someone talked me into posting anyway, so I'm doing so with the caveat that I'm really not just plugging my stuff. Honestly, I'm not.

    So, with that said. I write for the blog Nerdfighter Football Club. One of the regular features we do is match reports for games. This is the one I did for the Wimbly Wombly's FA Cup Final last week:

    I never really thought of the stuff I do as fanfiction, but several people who read the blog. John explicitly called it fanfiction when he reblogged that post. 

    I bring this up because I couldn't find Swoodilypooper or Wimbly Wombly fanfic for a long time, and I wonder now if maybe that was just because I had a really narrow definition of what fanfiction is or could be. 
  • Re: Should the Wimbly-Womblys stay at Professional skill level?

    I'd say stay at Professional for the time being. Makes things interesting. He can always switch back if he needs to- like if he has a bad run of form or has to play Premier League opposition. (I believe he played his Capital One Cup tie against Spurs on Semi-Pro and still lost.)

    I mean, ultimately FIFA is a tool he's using to tell a story. Whether he stays at Pro or goes down to Semi-Pro will probably come down to what kind of story he wants to tell next.
  • Re: Back story change

    In many ways, Wimbledon is a clean slate, where we can forget the slow descent into madness that was the last season of Swindon and embrace a new team with new players and stories to fall in love with. 

    I don't know, I was kind of enjoying the slow descent into madness. 

    Like, I'm imagining a forked timeline where Manager John Green had to take a job managing a non-league club (because no one else would hire him). Maybe he ended up at Forest Green Rovers (because Green, get it?), and now the roster is entirely ginger. (Except for new captain One Size Fitz Hall, who's now 40 years old and can't even run anymore because his knees have been ravaged by injury and arthritis.) Home games sell out now, not because of the team- who have suffered successive relegations and are now in the 7th tier- but because of the manager's loud and dramatic nervous breakdowns on the touchline. 
    by un_beknownst